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Google Introduces Adwords Express


Google Adwords Express Logo

This has been a great month for change at Google and PCG Digital Marketing has been in the forefront advising car dealers about these changes.  In July 2011 we were introduced to:

  • Google+
  • Google Circles
  • Google +1 button
  • Profile thumbnail photos under search results
  • Enhancements to Adwords Ads to include META data and Site Links
  • New formulas for review star counts on Google Places

To keep the news stream flowing, Google announces that Google Boost is now called "Google Adwords Express". This is another opportunity for dealers to adjust their Automotive Advertising budgets.

Are you ready for a GREAT opportunity to market your dealership online at a LOWER cost? Google Adwords For The Masses

Adwords For The Masses

I've been asked many times if Google Boost was a replacement for Adwords and it is not. 

Google Adwords Express (formerly Google Boost) is Adwords for the masses.  It is ideal for the small business who can not afford to have a third party setup and manage Adwords.  It is ideal for the non technical business owner who wants an easy online "yellow pages" ad on the #1 search engine.

Car dealers may forget just how advanced they are when compared to small business owners who only have a few hundred dollars a month for advertising.  

Google Adwords Express takes no more than 5 minutes to setup once your Google Places listing is up and running. As a caveat, dealers must update the Google Places category selections to use Adwords Express.  Google has "standardized" these categories to avoid spamming.

Benefits of Adwords Express

Google Adwords Express is accessed through your Google Places dashboard.  It allows you to create an ad that is based on one of the five business categories that you select for your business.  The BENEFIT of a Google Adwords Express ad is that it includes:

  • Business Name
  • Business Address
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Call To Action Message
  • Consumer Reviews (Star Counts)

Google Adwords Express Ad

Google Adwords Express ads STAND OUT from the boring text Adwords Ads because they include the yellow highlighted star counts.  Do not ignore the fact that these ads stand out from your competition.

Google Adwords Express ads MAY reduce clicks because they have the location of your business, a contact phone number, and social proof that people like your store.  

This is especially true for Fixed Ops marketing campaigns. The key to leveraging Google Adwords Express is to have your Google Places page setup properly.

You can also download our free white paper by clicking on this link:  Google Places Optimization

Adwords Express is Ideal For Car Dealers

Just because Adwords Express was designed for small business owners, it is actually perfect for car dealers.  You just have to know how to utilize Adwords Express.

We have managed and documented Adwords Express campaigns that have a lower cost per click than Adwords.  We have also seen campaigns setup improperly and cost MORE than Adwords.  

Don't rush and be sloppy, it is still a PPC campaign!

Google Adwords Express is ideal for Fixed Ops marketing.  Dealers who want to go after the national service and tire chains (Jiffy Lube, Meineke, Discount Tire, Pep Boys, etc.) should take note:  Adwords Express can change the dynamics of your Fixed Operations marketing strategy.

Adwords Express Must Be Integrated With Reputation Management

Dealers who want to benefit from Google Adwords Express, which is connected to Google Places, must have a strong Internet Reputation Management Process in place.  Do you have one? Here is a quick check:

  • Do you have a process to identify Google consumers in your sales process? Service?
  • Are your customers adding new reviews to Google Places each week?
  • Are you reading and responding to reviews each week?
  • Do you have a policy on dealing with negative reviews?

Dealers who implement an in-store review process that leverages the power of the Google Places App will significantly advance on leveraging Google Adwords Express to increase their sales and fixed operations revenue.

Are you ready to leverage Google Adwords Express?  I hope so because you want to be in the game BEFORE your competition reads this post!

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