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Dataium Will Revolutionize Your BDC Operations

PCG Digital Marketing recenty hosted a Dataium webinar for the automotive industry that featured co-founder Jason Ezell.

I had the opportunity to moderate the webinar and the dealer response was very strong so this product is striking a nerve in our industry.  

Over 142 people registered for the webinar and the attendees were very engaged with feedback and questions.  The webinar ran for about 80 minutes, 20 minutes longer than the scheduled time!

Dataium is set to revolutionize the way in which we operate our BDC or Internet departments.  

Dataium's cloud intelligence data will enrich chat sessions, website leads, and even phone calls with consumer shopping behavior.  The data that Dataium provides will allow dealers to better guide the conversation towards the consumer's perceived needs based on their actions online.

  • - Imagine the power of knowing what cars and websites a consumer visited prior to submitting a lead on your website.
  • - Imagine being notified that a lead that your BDC marked as "dead" is now back in the marketplace and showing strong buyer signals.
  • - Imagine being able to know demand by model one month in advance so you can properly merchandize and purchase your inventory.
  • - Imagine how your can merchandize your cars based on viewing demand on other dealer websites in your marketplace.

The business rules and actions that CRM companies will be able to build off of this data will be endless.   A number of CRM companies are already working with Dataium so look for announcements in the coming months.

Dataium has the support of many technology platforms as well as at least 5 OEM's.  The list of companies that will be integrating their API to tap this rich dataset will be growing rapidly.  

For many dealers, ther OEM required websites will include Dataium software which will allow the OEM's to better run their manufacturing plants, sales strategy, and operations.

Watch The Dataium Webinar

We recorded the Dataium webinar because a number of folks could not attend, no surprise in this industry.  Day to day demands and "fires" need to be put out quickly, but we got everyone covered with the recording.  The link is provided below and I encourage all reads to watch the video.

Free Dataium Software for PCG Clients and Friends

Most importantly, we have secured the Dataium base monitoring and reporting tool for no charge for PCG clients and community friends.  To secure the software without charge, you need to follow these steps.

  1. Go to the Data Registration Page;  Sign-Up Page  (example above)
  2. Use promo code:  PCGWEB
  3. Install code on your website
  4. You are all set to go and data will start to collect


Watch The Dataium Webinar Video

If you could not attend the webinar, please download the video.  

The follow link allows you to download the video and watch it on your PC:

So enjoy the video and if you have questions, reach out to Jason Ezell at:

Please keep in mind that we will be conducting a workshop at the 2012 Digital Marketing Strategies Conference on how to use the Dataium Visicogn software and reporting data.  

Jason Ezell and Christy Roman will be showing dealers how Dataium reports can impact your sales and marketing strategy.  They will be sharing case studies from dealers that have been on Dataium for a number of months.

This will be a great opportunity to learn how to use Dataium cloud intelligence to improve your digital marketing strategy. See you in Vegas!


Brian Pasch CEO of PCG  
Brian Pasch, CEO

PCG Digital Marketing

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