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Yahoo Microsoft and AOL Form Advertising Alliance

DrivingSales Exclusive Update

Has anyone on this forum wondered why Microsoft has been so quiet over the past few years?  

They are not in the news like they were in the boom days of personal computing and the Internet.  

They lost their market leadership and their once lofty position as a media darling.

Microsoft the king of business applications is under fire from Google Business Apps.

Rumors say that General Motors is about to switch their workforce from Microsoft Office over to Google Apps.  

That would be a major blow to Microsoft and their cloud based Office Suite. 

Online Advertising Alliance

The sleepy giant,  also known as Microsoft, has made two announcements this week that on the surface seems like they are ready to fight back.  They have the cash to move markets but they don't seem to have a compelling road map. What do you think?

Today Microsoft, Yahoo, and AOL announced an advertising alliance which will allow companies to advertise their banner ads across all three networks from a centralized control center.  This alliance is an attempt to stop the Facebook juggernaut.  Facebook, for the first time, is set to pass Yahoo in online advertising revenue.

Dealers who want to have a strong presence during the Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) should take note of this alliance because the combination traffic of these three platforms is considerable.  Dealers who are running retargeting campaigns can now expand their reach through this alliance much easier.

As more details on this advertising alliance are made public, I'll keep readers of DrivingSales up to date.

Microsoft Mobile Devices

The second move that Microsoft did was to announce a $50 mobile phone, the Samsung Focus Flash,  to compete with the lowered iPhone 3G, which sells for $69 with a 2 year plan.  The new phone is running Microsoft "Window Phone 7" operating system.

According to a recent USA Today article on this phone:

"Turns out about 70% of the folks in the U.S. haven't taken the leap to a smartphone yet," says Greg Sullivan, senior mobile communications manager at Microsoft. "Over the next few years, hundreds of millions of new smartphone users will come on board, especially at attractive prices like this."

Microsoft may have lost some of the most recent media and marketing battles, but I think they are not going to let the explosive smartphone market pass them bye.  Is it too late?  Not with 70% of the market not connected with smartphone devices.

Do You Have A Mobile Multi-Platform Strategy?

Dealers need to have a strong mobile advertising strategy that spans all search engines.  

Dealers also need to make sure that their business listing on Yahoo and Bing are complete and compelling.  Keep in mind that Google Places is important, but Yahoo and Bing business profile pages need some "review love" from your customers. 

Mobile banner advertising must be tested for your unique selling proposition, IF you have one.

Apple's recent selection of for review based sorting of businesses, is just another example why dealers must have a mobile marketing and IRM strategy.  Things are changing very quickly, and all eyes are going mobile.




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The iPhone 3GS is actually free with a two year plan. I don't think Apple is selling the 3G anymore.

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