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Google Search Results Get Crazier Each Week

I've been actively writing about the weekly changes that seem to be impacting Google SERP and Google Places.  

Are you getting dizzy by the work needed to keep Google Places up to date?  I won't even mention the pain that many dealers have been having with Merged Listings!

One of the MOST crazy changes is that in many markets, the Google Places Business Name is being over-written with the dealer's Home Page Title tag.  

This makes no sense since many websites are not optimized and have no proper Title Tag in place.  

The Denver dealers listed below now have CRAPPY business names and descriptions?  Why is Google asking for the business name and description in Google Places and not using it??  Obviously, the Google team needs to step back and get feedback from the business community.

Until this is fixed and if this applies to your listing, I would update the HOME PAGE title and meta description on your website immediately.

Local Search Results Getting Stronger and Cleaner

Today I was looking at some searches in the Miami market, and a search phrase like "Honda Miami" did NOT pull up Google Places.  It normally does.

In other markets, like typing in "Honda Denver" Google Places does show.  Google Places is not consistent, have you noticed?

But the point I want to make is that when Google Places does not show, the results are very "clean".  Oddly clean.

The results were just like Google Places, in that the results were WAY TO CLEAN and ORDERED for my trained eye.  What I mean is that 9 out of 10 of the organic listings were the primary websites of OEM Honda dealers.  

These sterilized results are not representative of what Google SERP have looked like a year ago.   


It is clear that Google is localizing search better and may be using third party validation and not just SEO to create a SERP.  In the past, this page would have third party classified websites, press releases, and blog posts.  

What is consistent, is that the only non dealer primary website in list is an exact matching microsite. (   Now I have watched the video Matt Cutts filmed that said that Google will "weight' domain names less in organic search, but my experience is different.

Digital Marketing Vigilance

I bring this up to make the point that Google seems to be making visible changes on a weekly basis that impact your digital marketing strategy.  Google Places has become a magnetic for organic clicks which is reducing visitors to third party microsites that once easily apepared on Page One.

SEO strategies need to evolve and get more aggressive and that include more of an emphasis on Video SEO strategies. 

Have you seen how much organic search results have been changing?   If you need a better mousetrap, give me a call.

Share you challenges and success stories here.


Brian Pasch CEO of PCG


Brian Pasch, CEO
PCG Digital Marketing
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Travis Mitchell
Don't go nuts! Stick to the basics. The algorithm used today will definitely be different in three months. Stick to the classics. Keep your website fresh, hire some awesome programmers and watch your reputation.
Jeffrey Taylor
Yes Brian I have noticed quite a bit of activity also. It is happening all over the web in every industry. Google doesn't care if a local business hasn't bothered to optimize their title tags. If a dealer still has a high Google Places ranking with their Local Business Listing (LBL)containing their LBL title and they do not fix their website title tags they may soon pay the price by being down graded by Google. It has become a cat and mouse game when it comes to where Google displays Places and where they only show organic listings. Not only do we have to do keyword research, now we have to physically see whether a good phrase triggers a Places vertical. I am always looking for trigger keywords. I have found that many keyword phrases that contain a verb or a specific product will trigger a video vertical. We also look at keyword phrases that trigger other Google Universal results. Examples: "Miami Honda Dealers" - straight organic results with 1 Google news vertical at bottom of results page. "used hondas miami" 7 Google Places LBLs, rest organic "honda accord miami" Organic results again but this time 2 Universal results in the form of Videos. Car dealers must optimize their Google Listing and their web pages. SEO companies must determine what keywords warrant Video SEO, Image SEO, or a Content Marketing Blog. Brian, you are right! Video SEO is overlooked, underused, and very powerful. Done right, it is not very difficult for a trained SEO specialist to accomplish great results. Unfortunately, the new Google local search algorithm that combined the Organic algorithm with the Places algorithm is only a little over a year old now, so expect to see more movement in the results for local searches. After 4 years of rampant abuse, massive spam, and LBL hijacking, Google is working hard to make the Google Places a much cleaner and more credible place to search.

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