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Jared Hamilton
From: Jared Hamilton
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Brian Pasch

Brian Pasch CEO

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Is Craigslist More Important Than You Think?

As I have been looking at Google Analytics Multi Channel Sales Funnels, I have to ask dealers if they have misjudged the impact of Craigslist on their  website traffic and lead generation?  

How are consumers finding a dealer's used car inventory?  Is it through,, or is it a combination of Craigslist as well?

Since we have the opportunity to work with hundreds of dealers across the US and Canada, we have tested setting goals on a number of different business objectives.

Get Consumers To View Used Car Inventory

In the case below, we set a goal to look at how consumers get to a dealer's USED CAR inventory search pages.  Here is an example of how Craigslist is driving traffic to a DEALER'S used car inventory pages:

The LAST Source Will Fool You 90% Of The Time

If you look at the LAST referring source, all but one of these LAST influencers to the dealer's USED CAR inventory pages would NOT be attributed to Craigslist, YET the STARTING influence is Craigslist.  

Mmmmmm, do you finally see that the last REFERRING website is NOT the only source of influence!!  I know lead form conversion is important but seeing what investments are influencing your inventory to be viewed by a consumer  is also important because of the calls and walk-in traffic visitors generate.

What does this say?  It says that you better start by getting Multi Channel Sales Funnels setup for your dealership.  You need to start looking at your Analytics data in a new light.

If you don't know how to do this, join the three webinars starting on February 13th, which will show dealers how to setup and leverage this free tool from Google which shows consumer behavior in the last 30 days.  

Join by visiting

Richer Dataium?

You should also consider getting richer data by signing up with Dataium which shows contributing sources for much longer than 30 days.  You can get more information on Dataium's data insights by visiting or calling Jason Ezell at 704-658-5277.

Refine your digital marketing strategy by using intelligent analytics in 2012!!


Brian Pasch CEO of PCG

Brian Pasch, CEO
PCG Digital Marketing
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Bryan Armstrong
Thanks Brian, again great info. I wonder if there have ever been any Regional studies on Craigslist effectiveness. Here in Utah I did not get the traffic from Craigslist that I would have expected in the Metro market. However when I set up a second account targeting an outlying lower-income town as my main posting target I experienced high volume leads with little closing. Do you believe that there is a social stigma associated with the site? In Utah (granted a more conservative State) the scams and seedier side of the Craigslist news feed seems to dominate the cultural perception of users. Perhaps that would attribute why Craigslist so rarely shows as the end referral site. Creating a strong presence followed by good 3rd Party validation and Reputation Management should alleviate any qualms and increase end results.*Just thinking out loud*
Brian Pasch
If you are running retargeting, third party sites that drive clicks to your website at a low cost can significantly grow your local influence list to follow for the next 3,6,9, or 12 months. The data clearly shows that Craigslist is part of a conversion funnel and with Multi-Channel Sales Funnels you can eventually see if Craigslist is included inside the top 10, 20, or 30 conversion paths.
Jim Bell
It is interesting info. I know that I look at my referrals every month and see CL right in the top 10 consistently. I think a lot of dealers miss the mark by not doing anything with it.
Chris Costner
I didn't realize Craigslist had such a big impact in search. I think on my end, we haven't been consistent thus giving inconsistent results. Brian I look forward to the webinar. I want to say I am not getting the Craigslist traffic. Starting from scratch, any suggestions to get back on track? I would appreciate anyone's input. Thanks for sharing.

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