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Building An Automotive Website Feature Wishlist

Working with many dealers across the United States and Canada has allowed me to tinker with over 40 different website platforms designed for the automotive industry.

Being part of the Automotive Website Awards (AWA) review committee has also allowed me to get to know the developers of many fine website platforms.

So here we are in 2012 and there are some website features that are not universally provided by website companies that I think should be a part of their core platform.  

You may have more things you want to add on my Automotive Website Wish List below. My requests are based on marketing and analytical needs.  Members of Internet/BDC or Fixed Ops departments will have a different perspective for sure, but here is my top 5.  

(Some providers deliver a few of these items, but none that I am aware of provide all.)

Automotive Website Wish List

  1. Ability for a dealer or advertising agency to use their own Adwords account to setup ads that pass tracking phone numbers to website (on a click) so that all phone numbers dynamically change on the website during the PPC session.
  2. Ability for dealer to setup multiple Adwords retargeting audiences based on types of pages.  For example, a backend menu choice that allows retargeting code fields that are applied to specific groups of pages; (i.e  Used Car VDP's, New Car VDP's, Service Pages, Parts Pages).
  3. Ability to have a editable and distinct thank you pages (new URL) that are displayed after a lead is submitted.  Ideally, you would want a thank you page for new car, used car, service, parts, and finance leads.  This allows you to setup "Goals" in Google Analytics for lead submissions.
  4. Website forms that submit data to a ILM/CRM system, include the referring URL or search keyword that was used to drive the consumer to the website.  The data can be added into the comments field automatically since it is not supported in the current ADF specification.
  5. Website management reports that pull all important data from Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools.  Webmaster Tools is often omitted and has valuable insights that would benefit dealers.

So, that's what I would like to see being standardized on all website platforms.  

What would you add to this wishlist?

Brian Pasch CEO of PCGBrian

Brian Pasch, CEO 

PCG Consulting 

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Matthew OSuch
Ability to post to, track stats and drop in a widget of social media accounts associated with that website from an intergrated backend application with the site.
Mitch Gallant
Great thoughts Brian, my added 2 cents... - outstanding support staff and relational focused company - Simplified A/B testing baked in - Shortcode to open videos or pages in lightboxes - customizable landing page builders for various campaigns - Reviews, either google or DealerRater baked into VDP's and other high traffic pages - extensive and thoughtful reporting
Joey Abna
Since I am on Vinsolutions I hope Kendall or someone from his team is following the conversation on this post. Great ideas all around. 1. Custom thank you pages for each form on our website that we can edit. I would also like to have the ability to run A/B testing with those pages as well and get impression, abandoned and fulfilled metrics on forms. 2. Ability to geotarget the thank you page and use the shopper service provider information for additional thank you page optimization. 3. Ability to no archive or no index certain pages at my discretion with a click while creating the page. 4. Ability to create a page in advance and schedule it to go live on the site. 5. Better ability to alter meta title and descriptions on platform generated pages. 6. Ability to run pop ups or light boxes based on visitor behavior and demographics. 7. Simple tools to help us utilize rich snippets in our pages to mark up videos, products, locations, reviews, ratings ect. Some vendor platforms do some of the things on my list but I don't think any of them do all of the items.

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