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Brian Pasch

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Promoted Video Campaigns on YouTube Can Have Strong ROI

YouTube is the second most popular search engine, so my question to you is how are you leveraging this platform?   I've been writing over the past year about the importance of video marketing and video optimization. I wanted to enhance those marketing suggestions with a quick discussion about the YouTube promoted video program.  It's the Adwords equivalent on YouTube.

Take a look at the search I did on YouTube for a keyword "2012 Honda Accord" below.  Notice that only ONE video was "promoted" for this keyword (highlighted in green) and it was not for a local dealer.  Promoted videos are like PPC ads that dealers run on search engine results pages.

Notice how many VIEWS the four videos under the promoted video received for this keyword, which are highlighted in red.  Over 110,000 views on four videos for this keyword.  It is clear that this keyword, or a variation on it, is being used by consumers. The videos that organically appear on page one are getting views.

Why not jump to the top of this list with a pay per click strategy?


Optimized Local Video Marketing

If you are a Honda dealer, is there any reason why you would not create an optimized video on the 2012 Honda Accord and pay for your video to be in the green box for your local market?  

If the video title and description was properly labeled to show your locality and if your YouTube advertising radius was near your store, wouldn't you want to be at the top of video search results?

Dealers looking to leverage video must test and invest in promoted video advertising as well as YouTube video pre-roll advertising.  The clients that we have be doing this for have been showing very favorable results.

Since dealers are looking for NEW ideas on how to increase online visibility during the Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT), paid video marketing is another way to connect with consumers.

Don't miss out on this strategic opportunity!




Brian Pasch, CEO

PCG Digital Marketing




Chris Costner
Great information Brian. This is huge. For dealers who aren't taking advantage of this yet, what should they do first or where should they begin? Thanks for sharing.
Brian Pasch
Chris, they should first decide what keywords that they wanted to target. Then create a compelling video that they want to serve for those keywords. The video should include a tracking number and should also have a hyperlink to the dealer's website in the description. Dealers can setup Adwords for Youtube, by following this link:
Jeremy Alicandri
Brian, With these easily obtainable opportunities, are even the OEM's trully leveraging YouTube? It seems the OEMs can generate some relevant or even competitive content - and produce and publish it - for much less than the cost of running a single TV ad.

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