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Are You Running Sloppy Google Adwords Campaigns?

Google Adwords is utilized by many dealers for paid search marketing, which is no surprise to readers.  However, what is surprising are the "sloppy" campaigns that are being operated.

Dealers have not been coached on how to inspect the work of their search marketing partners.  

I hope that this article will bring to light a need to manually spot check paid search campaigns each month. 

Here is a simple example that I randomly found on Tuesday when I was teaching a workshop on Paid Search marketing for Fixed Operations.

Is It Hard to Create Fixed Operations Campaigns?

You will notice that the Greater New York Toyota Tier 2 advertising "fund" is running PPC on behalf of dealers in the NY/NJ metro area.  I typed in a specific search for Toyota brakes and they are serving up an ad that has nothing to do with service.  

If a consumer clicks on the ad highlighted in red, they are taken to this page:

This page has nothing of value for a consumer who is searching for information, pricing, or scheduling service for their  vehicle's brake system.  It would be very easy for this "new car" campaign to add "negative keywords" that are associated with service to prevent this ad from showing.

What this looks like is that this campaign is programmed to display whenever a consumer types the word "toyota" in a search phrase. That is sloppy. There should be no reason why a Tier 2 agency doesn't have a targeted service campaign in place that includes the common keywords related top Fixed Ops.  Those ads should take consumers to a targeted landing page for service appointments and coupons for NJ/NY dealers.


Where Are All The Local Dealers?


A second thing to notice is that no franchise dealers are showing at the top of paid search.  Fixed Operations is the orphan in regards to digital marketing strategy and budget allocations. So, the most profitable division in any car dealership gets no "love" from the paid search team.  That's also sloppy.

What you can see is that the INDEPENDENT service centers are having a field day taking away business from franchise dealers.  They are not complaining.  It would seem that dealers believe consumers use the Internet to shop for cars but NOT for service.  Sloppy.

Fixed Operations digital marketing is an investment that will pay off with immediate results.  Julie Chisum, from PCG Consulting, shared this week how by adding a plug-in tire module to a Toyota dealer's website, they went from selling 150 tires a month to 600 tires a month.  


Some Dealers Are Taking Action

Not all dealers are asleep at the wheel in regards to their paid search campaigns.  In the example below, you can see that Tom's Ford is not only buying the right keywords for Ford Fixed Operations shoppers but they also have an advertisement that is clear and compelling. 

For full disclosure, I did not create the landing page nor do I manage their PPC.  This dealer attended the workshop I was teaching this week and I came across this example because they are in the marketing radius of the conference center. 

So, please take the time to act like a consumer and search common terms that you want your dealership to appear in paid search.  Make sure that the ads is relevant and the landing pages are appropriate for conversion.  If you want more Fixed Ops sales and profits, get a digital marketing campaign setup that connects with local consumers looking to service their cars.

Paid search campaigns can be very powerful when the right keywords, ad copy, and landing pages are in place.  Take the time each month to refine your keyword strategies and test the success of your landing pages based on conversion measurement.

Just get rid of the sloppy errors, there is really no excuse to let that continue.   If you enjoyed this article, please share it on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook.  


Brian Pasch, CEO

PCG Consulting



Jim Bell
Great post as always Brian. I love the brake scenario. Consumers are looking for something specific and the OEM themselves totally dropped the ball on what the consumer is looking for. Ad Words not only have to be good with the terms selected, but also have to get the customer to what they are looking for. It's interesting to see outside small shops trying to capitalize and the local dealers are totally missing the boat. #GoodStuff to consider when planning your campaigns.

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