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Brian Pasch

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What One Question Would You Ask Yelp?

yelp complaint sign

Dylan Swift, Director of National Marketing at Yelp!, will be on the main stage at the DrivingSales Executive Summit (DSES) on Sunday October 13th.

Dealers understand the power of online reviews in the Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) but most dealers I speak with do not understand Yelp!  

If you had the opportunity to ask Dylan Swift one question from the floor, what would it be?  

Share you inquiries and if you can't attend DSES to ask Dylan yourself, maybe the DSES team can ask Dylan some questions from the online user community.

Yelp! Mobile

One of the questions that I would ask would pertain to their new mobile application.  In the past, an active Yelp! reviewer could not post a review from their app.  It required the Yelper to finish the review from the full desktop version of the website.

This never made any sense to me but now it is possible to post a review from the mobile app.  

So, I want to hear from Dylan if he is comfortable that active users of Yelp! will post reviews while they are at the restaurant, concert, or at a dealership.  I would also like to know if Dylan is comfortable with business owners asking questions of patrons to see if they are "active" Yelpers?

For example, in the service lane when a customer picks up their car.  Does Dylan find it acceptable to ask a customer, during the normal conversation surrounding their overall satisfaction with the dealership,  to ask if the customer is an "active" user of Yelp!?

Is it also acceptable to remind them to share their experience on Yelp?  Can we encourage active Yelp users to take a minute to post a review inside the dealership if they have the mobile app loaded?  

Since service touches at least 5x as many customers a month than sales, it speaks to the highest number of Yelp! users, as a percentage of customers, per month. 

Yelp! Filtering


Dealers by now know that if consumer creates a new account on Yelp!, posts one review for the dealership, and never uses Yelp! again, the review will be most likely filtered.  

Only active Yelp! members will see their reviews posted instantaeously. It will be interesting to see if Dylan can define what "active" means to their engineers. What metrics turn a new user, with no reputation, to a trusted user on Yelp?  Do their initial reviews appear retroactively?

Keep in mind, Yelp owns their platform and they define the rules.   Yelp! has a vision for their growth and DSES will provide attendees with the ability to hear, and attempt to better understand, Yelp!'s position in the Zero Moment of Truth.


What's Your One Question?

What one question would you like answered?

Share your question below in the comments area.

Please share this on your social network so we can get many "questions" from the automotive community to present to Dylan.

If you haven't registered for DSES, this speaker is another great reason to attend! 




Brian Pasch, CEO
PCG Consulting

David Ruggles
@ Yelp - Is it true that you filter out positive comments of businesses who decline your solicitation for their advertising dollars?
Brian Pasch
David, thank you for posting a question. Frankly, I am surprised that members of DrivingSales do not care enough about Yelp to post their question. Maybe having Yelp present at DSES is not a topic that dealers really car about...I'm surprised. is YELP! just a YAWN! for dealers??
David Ruggles
Someone gave a mention to Yelp at Ziegler's recent "Battleplan" held here in LV a couple of weeks ago. My question is a consequence of that presentation. Unfortunately, I can't recall you mentioned them. The presenter's claim that Yelp will filter out your favorable comments if you decline their solicitation for advertising with them got everyone's attention. I don't expect the Yelp rep to cop to it even if it is true. But to ask the question might let them know they are being watched. Just mentioning Ziegler's name in the question might really get their attention... such as.... I heard a discussion about Yelp at a recent Jim Ziegler BattlePlan and it was said that .......... I'll be at DSES and will be glad to ask the question, although the last time I got up to ask Scott Painter a question, Jared changed my question to keep from offending Painter, which really surprised me.
Eric Miltsch
@Brian, I'm still puzzled by the (valid) positive reviews being yanked. I also think many dealers just don't know enough about Yelp and simply may not care - I think the questions will surface once their awareness increases. Most dealers probably don't even use the platform, so why would they be familiar with their activities?
Paul Rushing
I guess yelp is a good place for dealers to concentrate if they have full service lunch counters.... In reality it is just like any other platform. If you put a lot into it you will see return. The real "Review" strategy is not platform dependent it is delivering an awesome experience for the consumer, then the reviews take care of themselves. Putting to much emphasis on one platform really denigrates the true message that should be delivered here at Drivingsales..

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