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Four Automotive Social Media Strategies To Avoid


By Brian Pasch

The creativity behind great social media engagement differentiates companies that are successful with social media to grow their business.  This is compared to companies that claim social media is "a wasted investment."

I recently visited a number of auto dealership Facebook pages, at random, to prepare for a social media advertising webinar. What I found was discouraging, but I know that many readers of DrivingSales are interested in bringing their social media strategy to the next level.

I have provided examples of Facebook posts below that represent strategies that you should not replicate. 


In the example above, someone decided to link to an article on  I am sure that the article was well written, but I doubt any General Manager would be happy to see a post like this.  There is no reason to take a consumer off your Facebook page and drop them into a car shopping network.

The lesson here is to make sure that the articles you share take consumers to websites that would not conflict with your sales objectives. Yes, many people use for car research.  I just don't think you need to push social media traffic to their website.  oem-promotions

It may seem like a good idea to share OEM promotions on your Facebook page, but NOT when they take the consumer to a landing page like this Nissan promotion. In the bottom right corner of this landing page there is a call to action to "Find Your Dealer"!  This is basically a lead generation tool for service that could drive revenue to local Nissan competitors. 

My take on this may be extreme, but let the OEM promote their social media campaigns on their own Facebook page.  Your posts should be hyper-local for your customers and local car shoppers that will drive to your location.   Do not pass your customers to a lead form

These two posts were simple and had eye grabbing photos but these posts have no links to help the consumer get additional information.  The first photo talks about the "Toyota National Clearance Event" so why not have a link to the dealership website that explains the event?  

The second photo promotes the 2014 Corolla. Again, I ask why this dealer could not have a page on their website that this post could drive interested consumers to read?  Do they realize that this post is a tease?


In this example, the dealer has half of the strategy correct.  They created a post that went to additional information; content that they created.  The only draw-back was the post that created was bland.  It had no photos nor did it have any links back to the dealership website to research Nissan Quest vehicles.  There was no call to action, just in case anyone wanted morte information about Quest.

Social Media Landing Pages

These four examples demonstrate that any business can make a post on Facebook but is does not mean that their posting strategy will have a good ROI.  Showing up on Facebook is not sufficient; you must have a consumer centric strategy.  It would be like showing up for work and not answering the phone or greeting customers when they hit the lot.

It is time to re-think how we are training dealers and OEM's on how to engage on Facebook.  

Do you have any other advice for dealer on not what to post on Facebook?



Brian Pasch, CEO

PCG Consulting

Kathi Kruse
Very good points, Brian. I have a few to mention. In fact, I blogged about them here:
Brian Pasch
Thanks Kathi for the additional tools to help dealers. Will you be at DSES next week?
Eric Miltsch
Smart choices Brian. Marketers (especially new ones) must change the way they think about their activities. Just be active doesn't cut it; you must be effective. The #1 item, & my biggest pet peeve, is not including the link. Facebook has provided such an easy opportunity to help drive valuable traffic back to your site - FOR FREE - use it by including those links.
Grant Gooley
The all mighty link! Call to action! It seems like people get so caught up in everything else around business social and forget why we are engaging in the first place. Thank you for making it clear in this post, Brian. No link, no conversion.... Im constantly reminding my team to link back to VDP's and landing pages...
Kathi Kruse
Hi Brian, yes I will. I'm flying in on Monday morning. Looking forward to hanging out!

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