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Brian Pasch

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No Thanks For Submitting Your Contact Information

thank-you By Brian Pasch

Have you taken the time to submit a lead on your own website?  Many website platforms present a "thank you" page after the consumer submits their contact information on a lead form. 

The image shown above, is an actual page that is presented when a consumer submits a lead, on a dealership website. Are you impressed with the dealer's creativity?

What do you have to say about this page? I would love your feedback.  

Let me share a few of my thoughts:

  • Dealers should consider the "thank you" page as an opportunity to re-engage a consumer and not tell them goodbye...someone will call you.
  • The example listed above, does not take advantage of the opportunity to re-engage. Who is this man in a car?  Does this image give you a warm feeling?
  • Does a consumer understand what an "Internet Manager" is?  Doesn't it sound like some IT geek? Didn't they inquire about a vehicle? 
  • The "thank you" page should provide links to resources that would best serve the customer and the dealership.  Those links could include:
    • Customer Testimonials
    • Current OEM Rebates
    • Trade-In Incentives
    • Just Arrived Used Cars

I bring this up because this is not the ideal website page design to present to consumers after a lead form is submitted. However, this is a common occurrence in the automotive community.  Can't we do better?

You should also test submitting a lead from your mobile phone.  What is the post submission page shown on your mobile phone?

Do You Have A Great Thank You Page?

I encourage DrivingSales readers to share their creative "thank you" pages that are increasing post lead submission engagement.  Do you have a better customer experience after someone submits a lead? 



Brian Pasch, CEO
PCG Consulting

Joe Chura
100% agree. This is one of the pillars of conversion rate optimization and something we have been preaching for a while. The "thank you page" is such a great opportunity and a chance to explain the process to potential customers who may not have shopped for a vehicle online before. Adding a video like this is another option. While this page could be even better it allows the consumer to continue rather than leading them to a dead end. The opportunities are almost endless as each form submission can have a unique thank you page.
Brian Pasch
Thanks Joe. Placing a "Why Buy From Us" video on the thank you page....or any branding video as you suggest can add personality to the experience. It makes you different...and that is what dealers need.
Joe Chura
Yes exactly. It's about the U.S.P. and marketing 101. Dealers often struggle with answering the questions, "Why are you different and why should the consumer choose you vs. your competition?" The best digital marketing efforts fall short when these aren't properly illustrated as you are clearly pointing out.
Ryan Everson
Quick disclaimer: We have a custom website so a lot of what our thank you pages have and do are not possible with a vendor website....although I believe vendor websites should integrate some of these features into their platform. So anyways, I also 100% agree Brian. I created a custom thank you page when we launched our custom website about 3 years ago. We have a custom thank you page for each type of lead form (credit app, vehicle inquiry, scheduled appointment, etc). On each of these thank you pages it explains what to expect next in the process and has a corresponding video. After the video explains what to expect we follow it up with a "Why Buy From Us" clip. Customers like to know the entire process from start to finish, and don't like to be blind in the process. We let them know what to expect, which puts their fears at ease and makes it easier to get them to show for an appointment. Since implementing these custom thank you pages we have improved our appointment set and show rate tremendously. Another nice thing we do on our custom thank you page is we pull variables from the form they just submitted. Instead of saying "Thank you for submitting your form" we pull their name and output "Congratulations John - You're one step closer to being approved.". If they fill out a lead form on a particular VDP, we integrate the vehicle details and primary picture into the confirmation page. Buying a car is all about emotions and psychology, by ditching generic pages and replacing them with tailored pages to their car it keeps them bought into the vehicle they selected and more likely to convert into a sale. But wait, we also have integrated custom calls to action on each and every thank you page. We don't want them to be "one lead form & done". We want to keep them engaged and push them along the sales funnel at our dealership as long as possible. If they filled out a lead form on a vehicle details page, it prompts them to get pre-approved for that particular vehicle, they can even schedule a test drive. It transfers over all the previous form variables (name, email, phone, etc) so all they have to fill in is the additional required information. We have over 20 locations on our group website so the custom thank you pages also show the location they selected. It shows a picture of the dealership, staff, store hours, address, phone number, customer reviews, latest blog posts, map, and integrated step by step driving directions form. Once they fill out one lead form, it automatically stores their selected location in a cookie and it no longer prompts them on any future lead form which store they are closest to (they do of course have the ability to change their preferred location if they choose to). Showing them the dealership and sales staff also further puts their fears at ease. If they are ready to convert from online to showroom themselves, we give them that ability. We provide the phone number to the store's sales department if they want to call in to discuss their lead or we give them custom google integrated step by step driving directions to the dealership. Dealer's need to stop focusing solely on search engine optimization and start spending some time on conversion rate optimization. So many of the websites in our space have a design that fails to convert, there is so much room and potential for improvement. We have done A/B split testing on countless designs of our pages to figure out the best layout, text copy, colors, etc. Instead of increasing adwords spend to increase website leads, why not just alter your website slightly to increase your conversion rate? If you take a two prong approach of search engine optimization via customer driven holistic content and pair it with conversion rate optimization you can easily double your internet vehicle sales with no additional budget increase. See the below example of how an organic traffic increase paired with an increased conversion ratio can lead to huge results! Before Example Organic Views – 5,000 Conversion Ratio – 10% Leads – 500 Sold / Lead Ratio – 10% Vehicles Sold – 50 After Example Organic Views – 7,500 Conversion Ratio – 15% Leads – 1,125 Sold / Lead Ratio – 10% Vehicles Sold - 113 These numbers are easily attainable with the correct practices, and are honestly a little conservative if you have the right person. Whether we like to admit it or not, so many of our websites could use help. I highly recommend everyone reads Convert Every Click by Benji Rabhan, it will change your viewpoint and help drive you to demand more of your website.

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