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Photos In Twitter Newsfeed Opens Door For Enhanced Advertising

twitter-ads1 By Brian Pasch

Have you noticed the increase in photos in your Twitter newsfeed?  Twitter is making a change to their platform to increase the number of photos that automatically open in the reader's newsfeed.


In the example on the right, I loaded a "goodie bag" photo with my tweet about speaking in Holland, When I looked at the tweet on my mobile phone, the photo was expanded, increasing the visual impact of the tweet.

This is a big change for marketing professionals. As Twitter evolves, expect more creative ways to use Twitter to reach local car buyers and to accelerate B2B marketing.

Note: The Twitter IPO will be coming to market this month and it will be interesting to see if it succumbs to market hype bolting the shares to the moon in the first day of trading.

Twitter Ad Formats

At the top of this post, a graphic is shown, which is the opening page to Twitter Ads.  Twitter gives you two choices on where your ads will display.  

I have been testing Promoted Tweets for the past few months and the results have been very encouraging. The targeting options that Twitter gives marketing professionals works very well for B2B strategies as well as B2B conquest strategies.  

For example, if I wanted to promote a webinar on Automotive CRM Sales Process, I could target Twitter users (which includes dealers) who follow DealerSocket, iMagicLab, VinSolutions, Eleads1, and DealerPeak as an example.  

I can also target users who use a certain hashtag in their tweets. For example, the #automotive or #automarketing hashtag is often used by automotive professionals.  If you start to think out of the box, the possibilities get very exciting.  Again, since you are charged on a per click basis, the traffic and engagement can be easily tracked. 

Using Promoted Tweets for B2C campaigns (consumers) takes a more creative approach and targeting is not so cookie cutter.  The good news is that I see Twitter ads as even more effective now that the reader can see a photo.

Photos Will Help Car Dealers

The addition of photos in the Twitter newsfeed will help dealers connect with consumers on Twitter.  Cars are a very visual experience and I can predict that dealers using Twitter ads creatively will see a jump when photos are added to their campaigns.



Twitter provides and advertising dashboard which shows click data at the campaign level, and also a summary of all campaign engagement which is show above.  The cost per engagement (CPE) for the B2B campaigns shown above, are less than a $1.00.  

With photos in the Twitter newsfeed, the ad impressions become more important, because without clicking on the tweet (costing you money) the photo can convey a branding message. This will be one of the additional benefits to dealers who use promoted tweets on Twitter.

Strategies to Reach Consumers

Keep in mind that Promoted Tweets represent another slice of consumer online "eyeballs", it not the holy grail.  My initial ad campaigns show great promise. Twitter does not have the reach or granularity of Google Adwords but it has other advantages.  

Since so few dealers are testing Promoted Tweets, first to market dealers will have a competitive edge to increase new visitors to their website.  Twitter visitors can be engaged with great content (landing page) and also added to the dealer's retargeting campaigns.  This example show why social media advertising and digital marketing campaigns need to coordinated. 

If you have any additional questions about Promoted Tweets for your dealership, ask them here on DrivingSales or send me an email, if it regards your local strategy:


Brian Pasch, CEO
PCG Consulting

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