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Bryan Armstrong

Bryan Armstrong e-Commerce Director

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Establishing yourself as the "go-to" resource!

In the Feb. 6th edition of Automotive News they quoted me as not using 3rd Party leads and said I had instead committed those resources to developing my own leads (I think we all know that 3rd Party lead quantity and quality has declined).

In my opinion most of the traffic they get, by rights, should be mine anyway. However, they siphon it off by providing the research portals consumers are looking for, capture their info and sell you that “tire-clicker” as a hot prospect.       

So this is ONE of the free (if you don’t account for the time) methods I have used: Wordpress. That’s right the simple, free version of My site is and currently gets about 200 visitors a day. I refrain from promotional posts (there are a few) but each of the Tabs is a stand-alone site as well that I can optimize for the targeted keywords I desire and drive encroachers off my Google results.

Here are this week’s results for targeted keyword traffic:



vw dealer salt lake

#16, #19

vw dealer salt lake city


vw dealer utah


vw dealership salt lake

#5, #20

vw dealership salt lake city

#7 and #11

vw dealership utah


Volkswagen dealer utah


Volkswagen utah

#6, #26

vw jetta salt lake

#9 , #27

vw jetta salt lake city


vw jetta utah

#9, #17,  #21

vw cc salt lake

#18, #27

vw cc salt lake city


vw cc utah

#7 , #12, #19 , #20

vw golf Utah

#6, #10, #12, #13, #21

vw golf salt lake

#9, #12

vw golf salt lake city

#6, #18, #20

vw gti utah

#6, #11, #14

vw gti salt lake

#13, #14 , #25

vw gti salt lake city


vw beetle utah

#7, #15, #36

vw beetle salt lake

#9, #20, #21

vw beetle salt lake city

#7 +7, #27

vw eos utah

#1 , #11, #12, #22

vw eos salt lake

#13 +3, #24, #32

vw eos salt lake city

#15 , #26

vw passat utah

#5 , #14, #15, #20

vw passat salt lake


vw passat salt lake city

#9 , #11, #25

vw tiguan utah

#3, #18 , #19

vw tiguan salt lake


vw tiguan salt lake city


vw touareg utah

#3, #8

vw touareg salt lake


vw touareg salt lake city

#24 , #53

vw routan utah

#4, #11, #16, #20

vw routan salt lake

#16 , #27

vw routan salt lake city

#14, #27

* used vw utah

#9, #12, #21

* used vw salt lake

#28, #38

* used vw salt lake city




 Granted, they aren’t all page 1 results, but the visitors are highly engaged and most of this is re-purposed from Manufacturers’ sites so it helps establish another touch point of credibility.

This is just ONE way to own your digital space instead of renting or being dependent on others content. There are some other ways, but a guy has to keep SOME of his tricks up his sleeve, right? ;)

Good Luck and Good Selling!

Bryan Armstrong


Lindsey Auguste
Bryan, this is really helpful information both on what options there are outside of 3rd party leads as well as which keywords to keep in mind when implementing those options. I'm glad this strategy has worked so well for you, and congrats on that Automotive News article!
Chris Costner
Very interesting Bryan. I often read of others not using 3rd party providers and this example is super strong on how to generate your own. How long have you had this going and did it take long for it to reach that amount of visitors? Congratulations on the Automotive News article. Very nice.
Tyson Gamblin
Great work Bryan! How much per day do you devote to
Tyson Gamblin
Great work Bryan! How much per day do you devote to
Brady Irvine
Great post Bryan! A while back I spent a bunch of money on a course that taught a similar strategy for "search engine domination". The idea was to repeat that process using as many authority sites as possible and link them all to your site. At the time the sites that we were using (besides wordpress) were Squidoo, Hubpages, and Wetpaint but there might be better choices now... For the longer tail keywords it was common to be able to take over several of the top spots at once, but I don't know if this strategy would still work.

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