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Reunion Marketing Ranks #1481 on 2020 Inc. 5000 List

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What if Vendors Paid their Employees on the Campaigns Success?

What if Vendors Paid their Employees on the Campaigns Success?

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Does SEO increase sales?

Does SEO increase sales? YES!

There is no question that online marketing plays a direct role in bolstering car dealership sales, but how does SEO contribute to this? A closer look reveals the many ways that SEO drives dealership sales

Driving Leads to Your Website

Because so much of a consumer’s preliminary research and shopping experience takes place online, you crucially need to get new leads to your website. Even the most well-designed website is ineffective if traffic is minimal. An effective SEO campaign can elevate your website’s search engine rankings when specific keywords are queried. Localized SEO strategies are particularly important to a dealership’s online marketing campaign because they drive local leads to the website. From there, the website’s design can inspire customers to contact the sales team for details or to take other specific, direct actions.

Improving Dealer Visibility

When local consumers are in the market for a new or used car or when they need to schedule auto service, will they easily find your dealership online? For many online users, only the top few businesses in search engine results are heavily viewed. The farther down your website is in the search results, the less likely it is that consumers will see your business listing. Google listings do more than provide a link to your website. They give consumers your business name, address and contact information. They may also include links to reviews and images. 

Elevating Your Dealership's Brand Image

Your dealership’s brand is directly linked to the makes that you sell, and brand image extends far beyond that. Do you want your dealership to be known for honesty and integrity, for its huge inventory, for always offering the best deal in town or for something else? SEO campaigns for dealerships elevate visibility for your business’s name and contact information, your website and your specific branding. 

Educating Your Target Audience

Today’s car shoppers use the Internet extensively to research makes and models before taking the next step of contacting a salesperson directly or visiting a dealership in person. As part of a well-designed SEO marketing strategy, the many features and benefits of your makes and models can be highlighted. The information that your customers need to find about your lineup is easier for them to see, and it can overshadow sales-oriented text and graphics for competing models. 

Search engine optimization for car dealerships does directly result in increased sales. More traffic, more eye balls on revenue opportunists are the dealership; new used cpo sales, finance, service, and parts. A dealer that has 2,000 organic visitors and increases to 4,000 organic visits equals =  more sales revenue opportunities.

One can see that it plays a critical role in elevating your business’s visibility, branding and appeal of your inventory. These factors directly support the efforts of your sales team, and they can profoundly bolster sales in numerous indirect ways. At Customer Scout, we focus on SEO marketing services for auto dealerships. Because of our specialization, we have the proven ability to consistently deliver the results that our clients need to see. 

Al Amersdorfer

Totally agree with you that SEO for any car dealership does not directly result in increased sales but yes SEO will improve your online visibility which will ultimately help your business to get new visitors. As a automotive dealership BDC consultant i am using SEO techniques to improve my business visibility online from last 2 years and its working fine for me.

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