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Overcoming Caller Objections at Your Dealership

You can’t make a sale if a customer doesn’t come to the dealership, and the second-most common initial point of contact with a dealership (after walk-ins) is the phone.* If you can’t successfully overcome objections and convince the caller to come into your dealership by the end of the call, then you will not be able to make that sale.

Consumers call your dealership because they have a need – and want to see if your dealership can fulfill their request. If an inbound phone lead doesn’t result in an appointment, then you have failed at gaining a new customer.

CallSource data based on over 100 million phone calls over 4 years shows that only 20% of viable sales leads result in an appointment set. Why aren’t these calls ending in a commitment?

Some Common Caller Objections:

  • I need a price on the car before I come into the dealership.
  • I need to check with my partner first.
  • Let me check about financing options.
  • I want to do some more research before I come in.

Overcoming caller objections can be difficult; by using the tips below, you can overcome objections and convert your phone leads.

Demonstrate your knowledge

By being personable and well-informed on the phone, the caller will feel more relaxed and confident in their decision to call your dealership. Demonstrating that you are an educated professional will remove barriers and open up the caller to trusting you.

Focus on trying to get the caller to come into the dealership. Being informational is helpful, but the best way to truly help them is to set an appointment to come in.


Customer: “What options does [CAR] come with?”

Agent: “We have a few options of [CAR] available, with varying options. Our most popular model comes with [OPTIONS], would you like to come in and take a look?”

Ask for the appointment

The call should always be focused on getting the caller’s foot in the door at your dealership to bring them along the buyer journey and into the driver’s seat.

Share your knowledge and answer their questions, but don’t simply be an order-taker. Make sure to ask the caller to come in. Once they are in the dealership, you are able to sell a car.


Caller: Do you have [Trim Level, Color, Package, etc.] available?

Agent: I do have those available, as well as other similar options. Would you prefer to come by now or later to look at the different options available?

Create urgency

When someone calls the dealership, it is because they want to buy or need help. You want to act on this immediacy by getting the caller into the dealership ASAP. Act while the iron is hot.

The goal of every call is to set an appointment and get the caller to come in. By creating urgency, you get the caller to commit to your dealership rather than go to a competitor.


Customer: I am at work right now.

Agent: That’s ok, when do you finish? [Wait for answer] I will be free after delivering a car for a customer at [TIME]. I can squeeze you in as soon as you are off, can you make it at [TIME]? I am here until [TIME] tonight. Should we schedule for later tonight, or do we need to look at tomorrow instead?

Need some specific phrases to use for the most common caller objections?

Download our free Overcoming Caller Objections Cheat Sheet here.

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