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Why Appointment Setting Matters for Your Dealership

Getting commitment from callers can be the difference between them choosing you or your competition.

Setting real appointments gets buyers through your doors and into the car they are looking for.

According to CallSource’s 2019 automotive inbound call data insights, 80% of inbound phone sales opportunities do not result in an appointment.

It is not enough to rely on walk-ins alone. Your phone is a lead-generator, you need to get serious about selling the appointment to sell the car.

Transferring calls to voicemail or answering a caller’s questions doesn’t get the appointment- every time a potential buyer hangs up the phone without the appointment, you’re losing income.

Why appointment setting matters for your dealership:

1. Gains a commitment from the caller to see you

If you are answering a caller’s questions without getting a firm, in-person commitment, you are creating a missed opportunity. You need to set a hard appointment, every time.

Since the average buyer will typically keep researching and calling until they are actually inside a dealership, you want them to give a commitment to your dealership before they have the opportunity to keep shopping around elsewhere.

The time-frame for this appointment matters, too. The sooner date and time that a call handler can set an appointment with the caller (for example, same-day appointments vs. next day), the more likely it is that your appointment will show and keep your dealership as their number one option. Otherwise, you are leaving the consumer to their own timeline, which may end up not including you in it at all.

2. Creates a sense of urgency for the consumer to come in

If you simply say “come in whenever you are ready,” you are inviting the caller to call your competitor. By setting a firm date and time, they are more likely to show up.

In today’s digital age, consumers can and will keep researching until they show up at your dealership.

Cox Automotive’s 2019 Car Buyer Journey shows that most of car buyers' time spent vehicle shopping is online (61%) – compared to 14% of their time at competitive dealers and only 20% of time spend at their purchase dealer. They also show that the average number of dealerships visited is now only 2.3.

Consumers don’t need to walk into a lot of dealerships to compare and shop around – they can do it right from their computer or mobile phone. Once they step foot into a dealership, it is most likely the one they are going to buy from, so get their commitment to make sure it is yours.

Overcoming caller objections at your dealership shows you are the best dealership to choose.

Learn 4 ways to improve call management at your dealership.

3. Gives a professional impression of your dealership

Callers want someone who is knowledgeable and an expert in the industry to speak to, so they know they called the right dealership. Buying a car is a big personal investment; by putting caller at ease they will want to do business with your dealership.

You aren’t just selling cars; you are selling yourself and your dealership over the phone.

J.D. Power shows that over half (59%) of consumers prefer to set an appointment over the phone; if you don’t provide a good experience or opportunity for them to do so, they can move on to your competition.

Download our free Automotive Phone Tips sheet to keep at your desk!

Set more appointments, NOW

Need help on the phone to start booking your warm inbound leads into real sales?

CallSource’s Own-Set-Close is a phrases and skills program that books more appointments and closes more deals. With Own-Set-Close, sales and call handlers get immediate proven results (based off of your own CRM data). CallSource is a top choice for automotive dealers to improve internal processes and sell more cars.

“I’m seeing an immediate impact. . .I’m very happy with [Own-Set-Close]. Thank you CallSource!”
– Jeremy Kilo, GM of New Smyrna Beach Chevrolet

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