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4 Sales Lessons from Real Car Shoppers

4 Sales Lessons from Real Car Shoppers

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With Call Tracking, Your Auto Dealership Will Achieve Better ROI

Phone calls are important for your business – and that’s why the phones need to be tracked.

Gone are the days where consumers simply drive by car dealerships and happen upon the one closest to them to choose a car to buy from. With the phone and internet at our fingertips, consumers do a lot of their own research before purchasing a vehicle. Yes, know this already but we can help—just keep reading.

In fact, research shows that 86 percent of car shoppers conduct online research before visiting a dealership. That research may include an outreach to your dealership via the phone to find out any remaining questions they probably have after doing hours of preliminary exploration on their own, as a quarter of all consumers use a phone call as their initial contact with the dealership.

If a consumer is calling your dealership, then your marketing has already done a great job – they’re reaching out to you! So now how much marketing dollars are you throwing down the drain by mishandling – or even worse – missing, these potential customers’ phone calls?

This is where call tracking comes to the rescue.

Below are 3 of the main reasons that your dealership should be utilizing call tracking (if you aren’t already).

1. Know which advertisements are driving the most phone calls

There are a myriad of places to advertise out there – and if you aren’t correctly attributing your leads back to the various ad sources, you cannot improve your marketing spend.

With call tracking, you can put more dollars into those advertising venues that are producing more calls and leads for your dealership, and invest less in underperforming ad sources.

2. Keep track of your missed calls

While it’s true that you should work on having zero missed calls– they happen. You need to be working to get the consumer’s business, not the other way around.

If someone is calling your dealership for a car or needs help from your service or parts department, you are potentially giving up that deal simply by missing their phone call. They aren’t going to wait for you forever – they’ll move onto the next dealership for their needs if you don’t answer, or get back to them, quickly.

With call tracking, you can ensure that you are answering all calls or be alerted every time you have a missed call in the office. Don’t let calls ring forever or go to voicemail – improve your answered call percentage by reviewing your call tracking data.

3. Improve employee phone performance

Call tracking includes call recordings, where you can listen to employees’ phone calls and ensure they are following proper phone protocol. When the phone is answered, your call handler is the first impression of your business. Are they leaving a good one?

And just as importantly, are they asking the caller for an appointment? Don’t let a lead that is far into their buying process slip away without making sure they are going to come by the dealership for your salesperson to close the deal.

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