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5 Morning Routines I Can't Live Without

With the goal of becoming a better writer/blogger It’s just a personal accountability thing that I’ve decided to put myself through.

And just like with many other things. The only way to get better at it, is to do more of it.

Morning routines are probably the most important. They allow us to prepare our bodies for the tasks and responsibilities of the day.

Routines also allow us to accomplish things no matter how small in return giving us the ability to feel rewarded right away.

Being rewarded is a great way to start the day especially when you’re trying to keep it 💯


1. Get Up Early 

I get up every morning at 4:30

Did you know that getting up early will make you run faster? Actually I have no idea If that’s true at all. But getting up early has given me the ability to start my day with a stint of “me” time. Instead of waking up immediately into something chaotic I wake up to the sunrise every day.


2. Write Something

I use the WordPress app on my iPhone

Whether it’s a journal entry, a list of things you want to accomplish today or even a blog post. Whatever it is get that gray matter train moving. Chug a chug a chug a chug


3. Read Something

I use RSS readers

I use an app called feedly that stores all the RSS feeds I’ve collected for sites I like to follow. For stories that I want to save for further reading or for post topics later I’ll save those ones to instapaper from inside the feedly app. I try not to read until after I write because it’s easy to get lost in a sea of articles and never return to your writing.


4. Coffee/Tea

I use a Kuerig with self ground beans

I am a coffee drinker. Tried tea in the past and just can’t get into it. Coffee is my homeboy.


5. Workout

I do crossfit

The funny thing about this one is that in order to make it work for me I needed to get up even earlier than I was waking before. The coolest thing about that is I had total control in either making it happen or failing. I am 100% responsible for making this thing happen for me if I want to continue on my path of fitness. If I don’t make the 6:00am class I don’t get to do it plain and simple. Since I love doing it, I make 6:00 am work for me.


Routines build the habits that allow us to be the best versions of ourselves.


** What about you? Do you have any morning routines you want to share? 



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