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Being an Everyday HERO

The Hero program that many General Motors dealerships are going through now was actually created here in Las Vegas by our Owner and Managers.

There are tons of programs out there that organizations have built to help with employee recognition and the like. But rarely have I heard of an organization take it to the level we have. 

Being a HERO in our organization just might earn you an all expenses paid trip to Disneyland for two plus spending cash. 

Hero is an acronym for 
*E*xceed Expectations
*R*epresent (our brand and our store)
*O*wnership of all situations you find yourself in. 

Around our stores you will find boxes and next to those boxes are forms to nominate a HERO. We make it easy for customers and other employees to nominate someone for going above and beyond their daily call of duty.

Each month our DP brings the entire dealership together for a companywide lunch. Food and drinks are provided and  each department head reads the submissions the people in their department got. All the names are then put into a raffle box and one is chosen at random. That person receives a $100 gift card on the spot. 

Check out pictures from our past lunches. 



We even have a HERO CHEER

Even if you didn’t win at a monthly lunch a  person can still win the quarterly prize of an all expenses paid Disneyland Trip. 

At the end of each quarter there is a committee that will go through all of the nominations again and pick out the very best example of someone being a true HERO. That person will then win an all expense paid trip to Disneyland for 2. Including spending cash and hopper passes. 

We even design pictures and frames that we put up around the dealerships of your wining photo. 

I can tell you that I have never seen another organization take employee satisfaction and participation to the level we take it. Even in down months we still have our lunches and we gather together as an organization and recognize those people who help make our business grow. 

When your people are happy, your customers are happy and when times get tough it’s our people and our customers who we lean on the most. 

Does your organization do anything like this?
If so, can you share?
If not, Do you think this is something that would help your store?

Sound off in the comments.


Kristen Tepper

WOWOWW, i love this. It's adorable and so heartwarming honestly. 

Chris K Leslie

Thanks Kristen. It really is a lot of fun. 

Awesome, we do something like this but not to this scale!

Mark Rask

Chris this is awesome!

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