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Being Driven, Not Desperate


Finding yourself in a desperate situation is pretty much a guaranteed experience in the world of sales. What really matters is the way you behave in a desperate situation.

Allowing your customers to feel the desperation in the air only gives them a valid reason to doubt you and what you are selling and will most likely start reaching out to your competitors.


Desperation creates an atmosphere that suffocates prospects. In contrast, drive infuses the air with positive energy that builds trust and confidence.

Manage your time well.
Desperate situations primarily arise from gross misappropriation of time. Managed floor plans help you Stay productive by letting you know when you’re on deck and when you’re not.

Prioritize the customer.
It’s not about you, it’s about customers. And it’s not about your problems but theirs. When you prioritize customer success, you ensure they get the experience they deserve, regardless of the speed at which they arrive at a decision. Don’t rush people.

Don’t wait until your pipeline is half empty.
Half-empty pipelines can cause real panic. Make sure you and your team keep your pipeline healthy and flowing. Reach out to past customers, run Facebook ads etc. there is always something you can do to increase your pipeline.

Fine-tune your lead qualification.
Avoid wasting time on poorly vetted prospects. Reduce the likelihood of engaging low- quality leads. This is why investing in tools like Conversica can be very helpful.

Do your prospecting research.
Conduct relevant research on customers you plan to engage. Make a strong case for your product instead of dangling huge discounts to trick prospects into buying. Solve their needs first.

At the end of the day, have some dignity.


Customers always deserve excellent service but that shouldn’t push you into begging, issuing false ultimatums and so on. 

Excellent service means you master your craft, perfect your pitch, and channel your drive to genuinely help customers and make them realize the value of what you are offering.


Amanda Gordon

Good stuff Chris. As with anything the best way to head this off is stay prepared.

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