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Easily Sync FB Lead Ads With Your CRM


Getting your hands dirty in the details of marketing Is not for everyone and there are a lot of headaches sometimes that's for sure. Spending time figuring out why something isn't working can take time and patience. 

For those of us who like Roll Our Own when it comes to certain types of marketing it can be very rewarding though to see results come in that are directly driven from your efforts. 

Over the new few months, I'm going to be publishing a semi-frequent series focused solely on how you can do things with Facebook and Instagram ads like create your own product catalogs, custom event audience and lead ads that sync with your CRM. 

If there is something that you just can't seem to figure out. Post it in the comments and me or another awesome DS'r will do our best to help you out. 


The Way it Used to Be

During the Dark Age before Facebook Lead Ads, people had to manually fill each field with their data: email, name, telephone number and so on.

End result? ZERO leads. Or at least less leads


Out with the old, In with the new

Facebook Lead Ads automatically pre-fills the ad form fields with the users' personal info, as soon as they click on it. Reducing friction for customers who are interested in a vehicle. 


** Ok this seems too good to be true. What’s the catch? 

Well, here is the catch. To insert the new leads to your CRM , you need to constantly export or import the CSV files. Or manually add them to your CRM. But, aint nobody got time for that.

Luckily, LeadsBridge came up with LeadsBridge Lead Ads sync tool that allows you to sync the leads you generate in real-time with your CRM. 

I currently use the heck out of Leadsbridge and have included some screenshots below from some of the actual #Bridges I have built in my acct.

Not only does it just pass on customer info, but it can pass information that you have built in a product catalog ad like VIN number. 


You can also create "Bridges" that include information you might want to pass yourself. For example stock numbers.

And the best part? No complex manual work is needed. 

I am not sure of any other company out there that has these types of direct integrations with automotive CRM's. When you look at their integration page they have just about every automotive CRM listed in there. 

If you know of any company out there doing something this in-depth please share in the comments. 



Mark Rask

Will this work on fb marketplace ads?

Derrick Woolfson

This is *awesome* Chris! I am going to check them out. I have seen an increase in B2B messaging on social media. As well as general customer inquiries. But for so long, it was a true pain to push everything over to the CRM. I am hoping that will work for us. 

Chris K Leslie

I can help you guys set it up for sure.. 

Mark, depends on if you are adding Marketplace posts yourself or having a 3rd party do it. 

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