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5 MORE Killer Ideas For SMART RV Ads ...

Successful RV dealers are constantly striving to increase sales.  They’re pressing beyond “status quo.”  That’s why, dealers ask …  

  • “How can I get MORE leads out of my RV ads?”

And …

  • “What are some smart things I can do to my ad listings to get MORE buyers calling, emailing and visiting my store?”

The thought is, if you’re going to put RV classified advertisements online, you might as well use ads that “pull” as opposed to ads that don’t.

We’ve talked about 5 Smart Ideas for Killer RV Ads here.  Guaranteed to improve ad performance.

Here are your next 5.  

Description Do’s – If You’re Not Allergic to Leads! 

The # 1 killer idea …

No. 1.  Use the Top 3 Lines of Your Description to WIN the “CLICK” on a Search Results Page (SRP).

Here’s what happen over 1.1 million times / month -an RV consumer conducts a search on  Let’s say one of YOUR RVs pops up in the middle of the Search Results Page.

Key Question:  What does it take to WIN the click on an SRP?  How are YOU going to get that click (and not someone else)?

  • Yes, a decent price.
  • Yes, a gorgeous first photo!

But, what about the first 3 lines of your description?  These key words show up on the SRP as well.

  • Is it possible that the words you use could be good enough to win your unit the click?

Absolutely!  Pictures tell, words sell.

Critical Error:

When creating your descriptions, it’s WRONG to NOT think about winning clicks on an SRP.  Get those first 3 lines in your description right because …

  • No SRP click, no Vehicle Detail Page (VDP) view.
  • No VDP view, no lead.
  • No lead, no sale.

Every item is interconnected.  Tweaking and improving every component of your ads can drive sales for you.  So, yes, the first 3 lines of your description can make a great deal of difference.

A REALISTIC EXAMPLE:  Ask yourself if this description below is really going to cut it?  Would these words – showing up on an SRP – entice YOU to click?:


Meh.  Zzzzz.

So, let’s change it up.  Why don’t you be the one who does something different?

Job # 1 for your classified ads:  To WIN the click on an SRP.  (And subsequently, to stimulate inquiry from your VDP – more about that in future posts.)

Killer ideas continued  …

No. 2.  Keep It Relevant To Buyer – Phrases like: “This just in …” or “Newly arrived …” or “Just received in on trade …” – are really more about you, the dealer, than they are about the consumer who is online shopping for his/her next RV.  Remember, every buyer listens to WII FM – What’s In It For Me?  Keeping your descriptions more about the buyer (than about you) is like singing your buyer’s favorite tune.

No. 3.  And, speaking of the buyer, how about Describing the Buyer within your description?  So they know the unit’s perfect for them.  Something like:

  • “You’re an active family.  You enjoy the great outdoors – together.  And, you’re looking for an RV you can tow with your SUV or Crossover.”
  • “You’ve got the toys, now you’re looking for a toyhauler!”
  • “You’ve worked hard all your life and you’ve been dreaming about enjoying the open road for as long as you can remember …”

Phrases like these describe the buyer, they draw buyers in, they establish that you know the ideal buyer’s characteristics and that this just might be the unit for them.

No. 4.  Avoid Repetition – We once saw 150+ ads by a single dealer and every ad started with the words, “This unit …”.  Every ad!

No. 5.  Use a Branded Tone.  What’s the image you convey with your dealership’s brand?  Does the “tone” of the language in your descriptions match your branding?  Are you trying to attract the toyhauler-buying, dune-buggy racing, weekend-warrior crowd or do you cater more to the exclusive, opulent, luxury motor coach purchaser?  Reflect and embellish your brand with the language used in your descriptions.

Some Welcome Good News:

The good news for you is that most of your competitors’ descriptions (including the top 3 lines that show up on SRPs) are clunky, long, block lists of endless, meaningless features.  Perfect for you!

Imagine when your descriptions are different?  Imagine when they …

  • Are relevant to the buyer.
  • Describe the perfect buyer you’re looking for.
  • Have a tone and manner that firmly established your winning brand.
  • Stand out, make you remarkable, grab attention and
  • Where the top 3 lines of your descriptions are capable of winning the click on an SRP?

In your relentless quest to increase RV sales, you can gain significant ground by tuning up the descriptions on your classified ads.  You’ll win more SRP clicks, more VDP views, more leads and more sales!

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