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Latest release from 321 Ignition

Cindy Carrasquilla 

321 Ignition 

321 Ignition Puts Dealers in the Drivers’ Seat with Industry-Leading 

Ecommerce Capabilities as Summer Buying Season Begins


 The Automotive Industry’s Only Mobile-First Website Provider Brings Dealers Closer to Actionable Data and Insights with Suite of New Tools 


Seattle WA, June 21, 2021—Automotive trailblazer, 321 Ignition is offering dealerships new ways to prepare for the peak car-buying season. In its most recent effort to help dealers gain business insights and increase sales efficiencies, 321 Ignition is aiding car dealerships to increase transparency, reduce waste, and improve vendor accountability through Google UTM tracking data in their existing CRM.   


The mobile-first automotive website provider announced its integrated use of UTM parameters giving car dealers deeper insight into the results of marketing campaigns. UTM parameters can be added to any URL, allowing additional information like referral source, campaign name, and other information to be passed to the dealership CRM software. This additional insight can help dealerships by providing transparency into what generates the most calls, website leads, and showroom traffic, allowing car dealers to make the best use of resources and improve vendor accountability.   


Car shopping has moved largely online with more than 78% of shoppers visiting dealership websites prior to making an in-store visit. By using UTM tracking, dealers can better understand which marketing efforts are creating the most impact in the form of leads, calls, and sales for their dealership. This gives them the power to hold vendors accountable and make the best use of limited marketing budgets.  


In addition to setting up UTM tracking for dealer websites, 321 Ignition also includes advanced Google Analytics goal tracking in most website subscription plans. This empowers dealers to understand the exact impact created by their digital efforts with only relevant and useful events tracked as goal completions, helping to avoid the cluttered and unhelpful “pageview” or “session duration” metrics often tracked by other website providers. 

Additionally, 321 Ignition is helping dealers better serve their customers by: 

  • Championing Mobile-first Design Mindset focused on the UX/UI Design 

While other automotive website providers allow car dealerships to offer a mobile-responsive user experience and interface, 321 Ignition is the only provider to offer a mobile-first platform. Mobile-responsive websites are a reactive approach and while they are accessible on mobile, they are designed for desktop. This leads to a poor user experience with too many options, too much text or unused empty space, and a browsing experience that leaves the visitor confused and overwhelmed. In contrast, 321 Ignition websites start with the mobile experience in mind, creating a frictionless experience, then scale that up to fit desktop devices.  


As the industry’s only mobile-first website, 321 Ignition is helping car dealerships navigate ever-changing search engine algorithms through an ongoing education campaign.  Google’s move to mobile-first indexing means that Googlebot, the technology responsible for scanning and collecting the information of every webpage on the internet, is now referencing the mobile website user experience instead of the traditional desktop version.   


  • Introducing SpinCar Virtual Showroom API Integration  

321 Ignition recently completed an API integration with SpinCar to integrate their advanced digital merchandising suite right into the vehicle display page on 321 Ignition websites. SpinCar subscribers can bring the showroom experience to shoppers whenever and wherever they want with 360° walk-around videos, VIN-specific feature showcases, and conversational AI chat to accelerate customer decision making while maintaining the frictionless mobile-first customer experience. 


  • Offering Complimentary Access to Mobile-First Payments and Vehicle Trade-In Tools 

The mobile-first 321 Ignition platform gives car dealers access to a variety of website tools and features that are often only provided by third party providers at additional cost. Searching by monthly payment with customized financing terms come standard with every plan and additional user-centric features like a trade-in appraisal tool, schedule a test drive function, and 5-way vehicle comparison tools are available for higher-level plans. Unlike the traditional piecemeal approach to website creation, every native 321 Ignition website feature is designed to be mobile-first, giving the best possible experience to shoppers on the go.  


  • Featuring 700 Credit API Integration  

321 Ignition is proud to integrate with 700 Credit to allow car dealerships to seamlessly receive credit applications and sensitive personal information with industry-leading encryption. This integration also allows car dealerships to offer free credit score lookup services and easy online car loan financing applications in a mobile-first manner.  


  • Automotive Industry’s Only Mobile-first Blog 

In addition to the WordPress CMS integration, 321 Ignition offers the only mobile-first website blog for the automotive industry. The blogging platform is designed to make it easy for even the least tech-savvy person to create mobile-first blog posts that match the rest of the website. The blog borrows from the best practices of large online news outlets to insert fully customizable HTML5 banners throughout blog articles for cross-selling or upselling opportunities without any coding knowledge required.  


Over the past year, 321 Ignition has grown its customer base substantially by bringing best practices from Fortune 100 companies in the financial, real estate, and software industries to its client base of dealerships.  


“We’re nimble and able to quickly evolve to accommodate our clients’ needs and we want to help dealers do the same with their customers,” 321 Ignition CEO Lyamen Savy said. 


Founded in 2018, 321 Ignition’s founders, (and auto industry outsiders), Lyamen Savy and DJ Haddad set out to offer car dealers a mobile-first, time-saving digital showroom unlike anything that was on the market with a focus on offering a superior shopping experience for customers. Visit for more information. 


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