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Why You Are Losing If You’re Not All In On Facebook In 2020 (And Beyond).

There are over 230 Million Facebook users in the US alone. A 2019 survey found that among adults who consider themselves active users, 74% of them log onto Facebook at least once daily.


The goal of any advertising campaign, in my opinion, is to have your brand seen by as many people as possible. Pretty straightforward right? It’s obvious that to accomplish this you need to be where your potential clients are spending a good portion of their time each day. On Facebook.


“But we haven’t used Facebook before and we are doing fine” 


“Facebook is for my Grandmother and her friends to stay in touch and show off their knitting projects”


“We will move on to Facebook eventually but we are just too busy right now”


The attitude in the first quote will get you in trouble working in our industry. We all know it. All the managers, salespeople, BDC directors, etc that I know don’t show up to work just to do fine. They show up to maximize sales in any way possible. Having a good understanding of Facebook ads and implementing them fully will allow you to reach goals even the most enthusiastic personnel will think are unattainable.


As for the second objection, it may be true. Your Grandmother is on Facebook and she is sharing her creations with the world. However, don’t get caught up in thinking that this platform is just people in their 60s, 70s, and 80s. Truth be told, Facebook has an extremely diverse user base from Baby Boomers to Gen Zers. In fact, 60% of Gen Zers say they wish they were able to communicate with more brands via Messenger.


The third objection shows these people have an understanding of the change occurring but lack the understanding that with each day they put off the transition they are losing money. In 2016 there were already 3 Million companies using Facebook Ads, including every Fortune 500 company. You are busy right now and you will be busy then. The time is now. Jump ahead of your competition that chooses to stay in the stone age.


How To Get Started


Most dealerships I see at least have a Facebook Page so I will skim over that part. But if you don’t, get one built ASAP.


List Vehicles on Marketplace - An easy way to get your inventory in front of buyers is to list them on Marketplace. The best part….it’s free. Marketplace is a tool on Facebook that serves as a “yard sale” more or less. Listings are grouped by location to ensure your vehicles are seen by those in your area. Once you perform this step the leads will start rolling in requesting more information.


Post Content on the Dealership’s Page Consistently - Another key way to grow your presence on Facebook is to consistently post relevant content on your page. Whether it be deals on certain vehicles, an oil change special, or a post for a specific holiday it is important to be consistent. Also, engage with your audience. Invite those that “like” your post to “like” your page. Hold giveaways that require people to comment and share your pictures and videos. These things will get your dealership out of obscurity and grow your following on Facebook exponentially.


Facebook Ads - Unlike the other steps, this one isn’t free. However, Facebook ads are hands down the most effective way to reach customers and SELL vehicles. Use a good hook. Consider a “Call to Action” such as “Reserve Your Voucher Now” in your ad copy. We want to create urgency. Pick a photo of your best looking vehicle. Then “boost” your ad with a predetermined budget. This is when you will really start to see results and you will never go back.


I hope this information is helpful to you. I believe you will truly love the power of Facebook and what it can do for your dealership. I don’t even mind if you take all the credit and tell your boss you just had an epiphany the night before on how to reach more buyers. I enjoy being in the automotive industry and want to see it flourish. Go be great.




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