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Facebook Ad Alternatives

Major advertisers including Honda America and Ford are temporarily boycotting Facebook and canceling ad spends in July stating hate speech, violence and racial injustice need to be eradicated. But it’s smaller businesses that made up the bulk of Facebook’s $17 billion of Q1 2020 advertising revenue.

We’ve had multiple dealerships ask what alternative solutions they can use for Facebook advertising. If you’re in this position, for social justice reasons or because of an uncomfortable reliance on them, there are a number of ways to accomplish the same goals on other platforms. In automotive, Facebook has been a good option for remarketing and campaigns that focus on vehicle segments and audiences. To reach the same shoppers, here are a few alternative platforms you can pivot to. 

In-Market Audiences / Custom Intent Targeting

Facebook In-Market Audiences and Custom Intent Targeting are used to connect with car shoppers who are actively researching or comparing vehicles online. You can do that through: 

  1. Google In-Market Audiences: Google’s in-market audiences allow you to reach active car shoppers through display and video ads on Google Display Network publisher and partner sites, as well as YouTube.
  2. Google Custom Intent: Custom intent audiences allow you to reach interested car shoppers through display and video campaigns by targeting specific keywords and websites they have visited in the past.

Dynamic Remarketing

Dynamic Remarketing on Facebook is used to target people who have previously visited your website with ads that contain the specific vehicles they viewed on your site. You can do that through: 

  1. YouTube Dynamic Remarketing: By pivoting to YouTube, you can reach low-funnel, in-market audiences with model-specific, inventory-based video ads that feature up-to-date inventory details. Dynamic ad technology ensures the stock, price, and discounts are automatically refreshed as your inventory changes.

  2. Google Dynamic Remarketing: Google’s dynamic remarketing allows you to show previous visitors to your website ads that contain the exact inventory they viewed on your site. With messages tailored to individual shoppers, you can capture more leads by reminding them of the specific vehicles they showed interest in.

  3. Email Marketing: Move from digital advertising to direct communication and send inventory updates to interested leads using dynamic email software. Personalized emails sent in response to customer engagement with your emails, website, and CRM status keep leads engaged and help you schedule more appointments and test drives.

Adpearance can help you pivot your spend without a break in market coverage. If you’re interested, reach out to to determine the alternative advertising strategies that are right for your business. 

Morgan Hardy

A lot of dealers and other retailers started moving away from email marketing. Is this something that is still worth the spend? 

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