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The Social Media Dilemma


What is your Social strategy… chasing the shiny new object or mastering one Social Community at a time? I have seen and heard a lot lately from the experts and it makes me think we are all crazy? We jump from one Social Media Community to another like speed dating! It’s time to take it one step at a time and stop being a jack of all and a master of none. Take Facebook which has almost 900 million users and a lot of plugins to bridge your social media from offsite, and website to help leverage a community of your consumers that could be your best repeat and referral business today! Just think if you could get every customer to take a photo with their new car and share it on their Facebook page what that could do for sales. Or for service you could get every happy customer to post about their experience or offer a special VIP service for all Facebook customers… There are endless ways to be a part of the Social Media Community, but stop chasing the shiny new things and build a Social Media Community Plan that maximizes the Social Media landscapes one by one. Here are 6 tips to help you build and manage your Social Plan;

1.       Get long term buy in from Ownership down

2.       Get the whole Dealership to participate (everyone in the store should like the Dealership Facebook page)

3.       The right people to manage, monitor, and create the day to day content

4.       What tools to use to be more efficient and effective

a.       SocialCam- for fast video uploads to social channels

b.      Instagram- great picture tool for mobile devices

c.       Hootsuite- content managing tool with scheduling and RSS to assist with publishing rich content

5.       Website updates with Like or Recommend button, and activity feed plugin.

a.       Here is the link to see all the Facebook plugins

6.       Offsite strategy

a.       QR Table Toppers throughout the Dealership

b.      Facebook Logo and link in all traditional advertising

I hope this helps you, and leads to your success in building Social Advocates for your Dealership!

Bryan Armstrong
Great post Dan and so true. A smattering everywhere leaves a smear. Put your focus behind a channel and COMMIT. By the way, in traditional I like to use the old "text to Like" feature. Try it now text "Like drivingsales" to 32665 (FBOOK). (You could also use "Fan drivingsales" to the same #)
Dan Moore
Thanks Brian, love the text to like!

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