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All In One Benefits for your Dealership


Advances in digital marketing trends provide the platform for your dealership to benefit

Most of us have heard about vendors offering their all in one package: website, CRM and inventory from one provider, one bill.  We get it.  But what sets them apart from the other guy?  What makes them better or worse?  What does all in one really mean?

What this means for your dealership:

·         More time to respond to leads and sell: Seamless publication of inventory lists across multiple online car-shopping sites and at the same time on the dealer’s website and in the dealership’s CRM database.

·         Fewer lost leads: No more inconsistent inventory descriptions or prices from one platform to the other. Inconsistency creates mistrust and confusion in viewers and decreases lead click-through rates.

·         More competitive pricing: Built-in inventory comparison tools help identify pricing variances for specific markets and help adjust vehicle prices across all platforms or only specific markets with single keystrokes.

·         Improved lower-funnel success: Seamless digital marketing flows leads from car-shopping sites to the dealership website inventory pages. Here, buyers are generally further along in the sales funnel – they’re shopping your dealership and they are hot leads. Seamless digital marketing flows leads into an integrated CRM for immediate and consistent follow up.

Furthermore, all this activity must be as automated and hands-off as possible so staff can concentrate on closing leads – not on merchandising inventory.

This seamless integration of your key digital marketing components – your website, CRM and online inventory management software – means comprehensive digital marketing results from one source, eliminating the need to pay for and manage multiple vendors offering independent and nonintegrated online marketing functions.

Some of these exciting apps include those that deliver:

·         Improved lead processing: Leads from third-party sites, craigslist and the dealership website will now flow directly into the CRM so leads don’t drop through the cracks and so you then convert more of your digital marketing investment into vehicle sales.

·         Improved vehicle listings: Solutions that help you create and manage the most compelling and comprehensive vehicle inventory listings and descriptions on the Internet.

·         Improved vehicle merchandising:  Enriched online content to attract more eyeballs and sell your listings. These tools include human voice-over video; ad writer and custom comment generators; YouTube and craigslist easy listing tools; direct-to-auction tools; and, tools like ‘silent salesman’, a powerful new arsenal of graphic capabilities to brand the dealership.

·         Improved dynamic content: New tools for uploading “live” walk-around videos to YouTube and to the dealership’s inventory pages, as well as to sites like,,, and many other sites.

·         Improved social media tools: Jumpstart and ensure ongoing involvement in your Facebook and Twitter efforts.

An all in one solution for your dealership is not the next new shiny thing, it is a necessity. 

Jessica Ruth is Brand Manager @trinitysuite, an all in one solution for dealerships.  She has a mild infatuation with Twitter; you can find her @whatjruthsaid.  She tries to hide her Midwest accent while writing.

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