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Mathematics is a True Science: Sales Like Counting Stars

A star gaze may very well reveal to the observer an astonishment meant to be spread throughout the entire life dynamic.  Brightly lit skies are phenomenal in effect, and are a sensory magic.

Applying the focus it takes to reveal the total splendor of the constellations to an aspect as predominant in life as one's professional presence undoubtedly produces as atounding results.

A promise I made to the community and to myself is that I would inject my all into the matter at hand.  It just so happens the subject matter is that which I explored earliest.  As a pioneer of automotive internet marketing, I remember the cloudy nights which revealed absolutley no stars at all.  A time when dealers and vendors alike accepted at most that the Internet was an also ran for automotive retail industries.  An era of disposition, a day when stars shone few and in between in discussions about automotive retail migrating to online spaces, it was.  Dealerships didn't have websites, let alone a plan to address such prevalant contemporary online strategies as email marketing and social media.

But, as any star gazer knows, the longer you focus on the sky, the more stars it will reveal.

In this series, 'Mathematics is a True Science' I am openly exploring the value of knowing how math plays a pivtotal role in the evolution of our industry.  In particular in this segment, I am highlighting the principle of multiplication.

Email is a tool more valuable than meets the eye.  Imagine the opportunity to have the address of every potential customer in your market area.  Physically, this is accomplished through the purchase of lists provided through only the USPS.  The cost of contacting these potential customers through traditional "snail mail" would be prohibitive in almost every instance.

Introduce the email.  The email is the virtual address for all these potential customers available at minimal cost compared to traditional mail.

At a recent post by Exact Target Product Marketing Manager, Julie Brown points out her opinion that all email correspondence should be comprehensive in approach. She says the ability to shine a bright light on which aspects of your email marketing are generating the most response is key to creating an ROI which will be beneficial to your entire dealership team or family.

With these points, I concur.  As in seeing the sky at the beginning of a star gaze, the beginning of peering into your email campaigns can offer little splendor.  But, you can rest assured the longer you look and the more focused your gaze, the few stars will become multiple.

This is the key to successful implementation of online marketing strategies which leverage the most prevalent of all online communication tools - email.  By identifying what customers click into at their emails enroute to the virtual front door to your dealership an invaluable takeaway is created from tracking sources such as Google Analytics.

'Sales Like Counting Stars' expresses the compounding interest of focus and patience when it comes to successful email marketing campaigns.

The Internet may or may not be quite as expansive as the sky, but it is immense.  So, gazing into the sky at a point East of the Mississippi may very well engage a totally different group of constellations than standing before the Pacific Sea and staring above might.  Online, your dealership is your part of the galaxy.  You must identify the constellations which lay within.

This is a scientific process.  Email is always only a hypothesis.  It is a scientific problem that can be tested further.  It is you walking into outerspace with your star wand drawing random scribbles and coming back to Earth with the challenging task of finding them all.

Customers will help.  They will add context to your scribbles as they open their inboxes and migrate to the most appealing and recognizable forms you have created.  Cars always are alluring.  Fast cars, even more...

Make cars your constellations in the online galaxy of emailing.  Appeal to the sense of cognitive illustration when emailing.  Vibrant, bright, far away things which capture the attention like stars really do work.  And, as the verdicts arrive, do more and more of what is working.  Even, as Julie Brown states clearly, follow up the gazers of 'Big Dipper' with an additional email dedciated to the subject.  Ask your team to identify what your customer base is responding to within the context of your email blasts.  Ask them about the products, services, specials that may be missing.  Allow them to help you make your galaxy as full of stars as the Milky Way.

After all is said and done, the pursuit of automotive retail is the sale.  Sales will sky-rocket when effective email marketing is in place at your dealership(s).  The simple principle of multiplication will allow your team to grow their business (and yours, too) when you present them with a wide open sky to paint their constellations upon.  After all, the more stars there are shining, the brighter the sky.

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