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The Next Big Thing - Free Automotive Video Marketing


       You Can Do This!



You see, video supercharges the senses and evokes emotion as the consumer watches. It’s captivating, 582a2f1368f44e4af677c1adfeff21b2.jpg?t=1interesting and something we feel compelled to share. If people enjoy it they will share it with friends, family and even on social media. It’s also very inexpensive to produce and free to broadcast to millions of YouTubers.




According to statistics, the estimated number of global internet users who visit YouTube is over 40 percent mobile users. Four out of every 10 human beings on the planet who log on to the Internet via their phone visits YouTube on a daily basis. YouTube exceeds 4 billion viewers a day, more than doubling the prime-time audience of all three major U.S. broadcast networks combined. Over 4 Billion Viewers Per Day. Think about that!



Did you start yet? No! Just look at these Mind Blowing YouTube Statistics ->  ..Now Get Started!



The first thing you need to understand is that ALL Search Engines Love Video. Google Loves Video so much it bought YouTube for $1.65 billion in 2006. Even Donald Trump would have to be impressed with that number. If the search engines love video that much, why don't you? Start Right Now! Because you want all of the search engines to absolutely love you too, Right!



You're still not doing it, Are you? Get Up And Do It! It takes 10 minutes to change your life!



No matter the size of your dealership, you can compete with larger dealers. A simple video explaining the different features in one model from another can give your video a top-five organic placement in a Google search, competing with millions of websites. Yes, you can compete with the big dealer down the street. Positive Thoughts = Positive Results. You can not only compete, you can dominate!



Next is the WOW FACTOR. This is where you sell more cars - make more profits, and set yourself apart from the rest. As online shoppers work their way down the funnel, they eventually begin to engage the dealers. On average, they will shop five or six dealers online and they will visit less than two. So there is a definite selection process going on. What shoppers encounter is an unmistakable sameness when they submit their inquiry, especially by email or an Internet form. The auto responses all say pretty much the same thing: “We’ve been in business for 30 years. We have the largest selection, the best lenders, we will give you the most for your trade-in, we have the lowest prices, and we are here to make your experience fast and easy.”



The shopper’s inbox begins blowing up with templates, irrelevant content and invitations to come on in for a test drive when that is exactly what the consumer chose not to do in the beginning. They want to buy a car in a different manner. Now you bring video into your process and you immediately cut yourself from the herd or sameness, if you will. You become different and memorable. You are now climbing their short-list very quickly.



What kind of videos should you send? Here is a list of videos you can use to WOW your customers:


1. Video auto-response


2. Introduction videos


3. Customer testimonial videos and reviews


4. Short video walk-around of the car they are asking about, or one similar in price and size


5. How to use their Fancy Radio, MP3 player or Navigation


6. How you open the gas hatch and where the gas goes (Never put Regular Gas in a Diesel vehicle!)



Your longer video walk-arounds make for a great resource to include in your YouTube library for use in the future. You can even use them as virtual test drives. As that library grows, so does your name, your brand and your search equity. It's a Win-Win for you and your dealership!



Video is a great way to bring showmanship and salesmanship to an otherwise boring, left-brain buying process. It gives you the chance to show your own personality. People will feel like they already know you, and trust you more. It's an emotional process, remember? Since buying a car is such an emotional act for your customers, video can bring that emotion into the equation and give you an advantage towards being the dealer they want to do business with, Now! Remember people only visit 1.4 - 1.6 dealerships before making a purchase decision. Don't be afraid to be different!



The downside to video is...... There really isn't a downside to video and for the most part it’s FREE. NO 'We Can't Afford It' EXCUSES! A YouTube account doesn’t cost anything; neither does broadcasting on YouTube. Ask your ad agency to broadcast to millions, and millions of people for you for FREE and see how that goes. You’ll need to buy a camera or smart phone. Some dealers invest in green screens and editing software, but that is not necessary. Your time, creativity and effort represent your biggest investments.



Take into consideration that sometimes your customers can’t view YouTube videos at work because YouTube is blocked by their Web filters. You can use Twitter, Facebook or simply post your videos on your own website for viewing to get around this. You have to think outside of the box at times. You can't be stopped!



So what are you waiting for? Do you want to reach more customers, improve your dealership’s search engine performance, WOW your customers and get your salespeople more involved in the marketing, and selling process. It's Free, its Amazing, and it's Here to Stay!



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