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Are You Offering Curb-Side Pick-Up/Drop-Off for Your Service Customers?

In most cases, it takes a lot of time and thought on the dealer level to introduce a new business process. However, in times like this, we are facing unchartered territory, which means that we have to pivot on a moment's notice and act on it. That said, one of the ways we have worked towards handling process changes is to offer curbside pick-up for service. 

By offering curbside pick-up for our service customers, it eliminates more traffic in the dealership, which is to assist in social distancing. At the same time, it is also offering our customers peace of mind so they can still service their vehicles. 

Here are some of the things to consider when offering this service to your customers: 

Create A Well Defined Internal Process 

For this process to work, your employees need to know what the procedures are. Understanding that the situation is fluid. In that there will undeniably be hiccups in offering this service. However, the more your team is involved in helping create and manage this process, the fewer interruptions there will be. 

Inform Your Customers 

One of the most effective ways to inform your customers is by creating a short video that entails what steps and precautionary measures you are taking to provide uninterrupted service. Once you have a defined, clear message, be sure to post on social and business pages. 

Things to Consider for Your Process 

  • - Offer pick-up for service appointments within a 5-10 mile radius


- Have a well-marked area outside of your dealership where customers are to drop-off/pick-up their  vehicles 

- Offer payment solutions outside of the dealership 

  • - Minimize as many touch points as you possibly can - i.e., how many people are touching/moving the vehicle 


  • - Increase sanitation processes 


  • - Offer clear communication on how the customer is to expect updates, etc. Most CRM's enable you the ability to text the customer with their permission. 


Bottom Line: Again, there is no right answer for how your dealer is to approach these unprecedented times. But what you can do is offer your customers alternative ways to manage their vehicle being serviced. 

How are you handling service for your customers? 


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