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One of the things I love most about the Driving Sales Executive summit is the ideas that come from the Best Idea Contest. The idea that hit home with me this year was using the tool to effectively manage your team's projects. I had been looking for a platform to manage the Business Development and Marketing teams projects - as it is a challenge to manage all of the various projects that are on our plates at any given time.

And while I am not one to discuss vendors on the platform other than in the reviews, this is one worthy of noting. So if there is a means of organizing all of those efforts into a meaningful, and more importantly, a relevant platform, than it can and will save your team time! 

Here are the top ways has helped our team! 

No More Long Email Chains 

I love emails, said no one ever. If you're like me, you get several hundred emails a day - both spam and regular correspondence. All of which can - at times - be a bit overwhelming, where you feel like you spend more time answering emails than being on the phone. This was something I knew we needed to address to maximize efficiency. allows you to add outside users to your boards, which means that instead of a lengthy email chain, you can send push notifications (replies) to a project, which allows you to easily access the board and make any updates necessary. This alone has saved us an incredible amount of time - given that if emails were only going to me, and not the team, they could now respond vs. having to wait. 

One of the most significant advantages of the notifications is its overall ability to help hold yourself, the team, and vendors accountable. In that, depending on who has last "updated" the account shows on the board. Offering you where the project lies vs. an ongoing email chain with phone calls to follow. 

Upload Documents In One Place 

Ever get the email that says "failed to send" because the attachments were too big?  And you find yourself having to email the vendor graphics in pieces - legit, five or so emails - and it taking too much time? I have! That and having to constantly check your email and see what you had already sent the vendor? All of this is eliminated because now you are easily able to upload documents to the board itself, which means that if you did not get a chance to load the documents/creative content, your team can easily do so! 

Transparency With Management 

While your managers know you are working - it is nice to have a simple, effective way of offering them the volume of projects/tasks you and your teams are working on at any given time! Not to mention, when it comes to writing reviews and or offering raises, you can easily go back and review their scope of work, timeliness, and quality - all within one platform! 

Bottom Line: if you are tired of chasing email chains, using excel docs, or for us - prior to using - using google docs than give it a try! This will save you the much needed time you already did not have! 

How do you keep your teams organized? 

Chris K Leslie

I’ll have to check it out. We’ve been using slack for a few years now for communication throughout our stores. But we don’t really have a project manager. 

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