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Notification Overload! Top Reasons to Avoid the Clutter.

It is not uncommon to receive over sixty plus notifications per day on your cell phone. As one can imagine, it can become tedious to filter through all of the clutter to find what you need or what is essential. The same can be said for all of the notifications your sales managers receive via email, text, and through the CRM. Not to mention alerts from any one of the other vendors you are using. For those who have a trade-in appraisal platform, you know first hand how many alerts you can receive at one time! That said, instead of forcing your managers to get alerts from every option (text, email, etc.) let them choose which method is best for them. In doing so, it allows your manager to focus on what is most important, which is working with the customer!

How to Manage Alerts On the Dealer Level. Less is More. No Need to Clutter their Inbox.

I will never forget a conversation I had with a GM who forced his sales managers to receive vendor notifications, email notifications, CRM notifications, and text notifications for the same alert! This understandably caused confusion given that at any time during the day the sales manager would receive as many as twenty to thirty emails and texts at the same time. As one might imagine, this became overwhelming for the managers to try and manage all of these alerts. Instead of forcing them to receive the same notification on multiple devices, let them choose which method is best for them. Besides, you will review the CRM to see whether or not the customer sold and or if they communicated with the customer. So while it might seem like a good idea to push the alerts, less is more!

The CRM Houses the Leads, no? So why do we need an alert for every lead via text message, email, &CRM?

If you have a BDC Manager, there is no need for the sales manager to receive a text message, CRM alert, and email for the lead. Now, if you are sitting thinking well my BDC Manager is not going to understand the importance of that lead or that the customer is ready to buy - then perhaps you do not have the right person managing the BDC, which is a whole other issue. Instead of your sales managers focusing on each lead itself they should be focusing on how many appointments they have booked for the day, week and weekend. By managing the end result and working with their sales consultants, they could save as much as an hour a day by focusing on what is essential instead of running back to the BDC Manager every few minutes to see if they have answered the lead!

Email Lead Alerts? Is this Necessary?

I am not sure about the rest of you, but receiving the lead via email became a nuisance. It was a lot of extra emails to manage, and while there were a few times that the leads were delayed and or were not delivered to the CRM, I would just log into the website tool and review if there were leads that had not yet been pushed over. However, if I had to go through every email it would have taken twice the amount of time. Whereas, I would quickly look at the time stamp in the website tool and anything that did not come over after a specific amount of time I would make sure it got pushed into the CRM.

Bottom Line: Multiple alerts for the same thing sounds harmless, but in all reality, it can cause more harm than good. Instead of having your managers focusing on how to manage all of their alerts, it is best for them to focus on what is important, selling cars! For those of you who have a BDC Manager, make sure work with them outlining when it is that you expect a report on that day's activity; whether that is at the end of the day or the following morning. By having a plan of action, it eliminates the need for the hundreds of additional alerts on a daily basis, which will undoubtedly leave your manager's inbox cluttered.

How do you manage alerts? Do you make your sales managers receive the same alert on multiple devices?




Chris K Leslie

I’m with you man. The more notifications the more people learn to ignore them. 

Bart Wilson

Notifications are supposed to make us more efficient, but I think they can also distract us from getting things done.  I understand the temptation to be "up to speed" all the time, but it isn't healthy.

This is a great argument for limiting notifications.  What do you suggest we do to audit and limit the notifications we get?

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