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At one time or another, we are all (assumably) guilty of running the same service specials online month to month. Asking our advisors how many times the coupon hit the service lane to which the advisor most likely does not know. Certainly not pulling a pile of coupons out of their service desk to show you either. 

Looking at the analytics online - reviewing the click, conversion,  and total prints - might not be as effective either; as the analytics do not paint the overall picture. How many times have you gone to a store and said “I forgot my coupon, but I saw the special online? Can I use it?” and the cashier redeems the coupon. 

The same thing happens in the service lane, but are the advisors using the right op code to track the discount? If not, the discounts are not being tracked by the coupon. In turn, it makes it that much harder to make a decision on what special to run next month! 

Taking the extra minute in the lane to use specific opcodes, however, can ensure that the coupon was used. Even offering an op code for those who did not have a coupon, but still asked for the discount in the lane! Sounds like a lot of work. But it isn’t.

Tracking how many people are engaged with a special can optimize your service marketing efforts. Sending and continuing to send marketing that is effective! 

Do you use special opcodes for monthly service specials? How do you track discounts with Advisors? 

Aaron Harvey

This was a great read! I believe this really ties into what we provide at KEEPS Corporation with our Perfect Pricing Solution. 

The industry has evolved to a point where the CP business is no longer a single business. It is now comprised of 3 businesses:

  • LOF
  • Maintenance
  • Repair

Each business needs to have its own pricing, marketing, and production strategy in order to maximize ELR, Gross Profit, and Retention.

DMS reporting can give you a financial overview, but it does not provide operational clarity.

Pricing Compliance
Each dealership spends a lot of time and effort in creating a pricing policy that they feel is best for them. Unfortunately in many cases the prices are not being adhered to by the service staff.In order to ensure there is no profit leak you must actively manage pricing compliance on every line item of every repair order.

Your Market
Your dealership does not operate in a vacuum. In order to maximize profit and retention you must understand your competitors.... their prices, and their value proposition. Once you have that knowledge your staff will be prepared to sell with confidence by educating your customers on how competitive you truly are.

I would be honored to set up a brief 5 to 10 Minutes Web Meeting that would provide a introduction to one of the best kept secrets in our industry.

Thank You,

Aaron Harvey
Market VP

Direct Line: 702-425-6122, Mobile 702-540-3634 |

KEEP Corporation
The company was founded by Vernon "Ray" Branch over 20 years ago and has become the automotive industry's premier provider of retail automotive service department analytics, repair order analysis, and advanced service management support. The KEEPS Corporation combines unique data, advanced technology, and consulting support to ensure that our unique turn-key processes are implemented and executed. KEEPS Corporation solutions are found in 8 of the USA's top 10 Dealer Groups along with over 500 of other dealerships throughout the US and Canada spanning in 43 US states and provinces. The KEEPS Corporation holds offices in Raleigh, North Carolina and Las Vegas, Nevada.

Brad Paschal

Great info as always my friend

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