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Top Reasons Managers And Employees Do Not Get Along

Managing is not easy. There are several components that make for a successful manager and employee relationship. Knowing that everyone has a distinct personality. And that some personalities are stronger than others. A strong personality, however, is not always the reason why an employee and manager do not get along. To ensure you are doing your best to get along with your team - or manager - here are the types of situations to avoid. Knowing that if everyone gets along the better the results will be on the dealer level! As nobody wants to walk on eggshells or feel like they do not belong at the dealership in which case the dealer can lose a really valuable employee.

Top Three Reasons Your Employee Does Not Get Along With You:

You Think You Know More than You Do

There is nothing worse than working for a manager who thinks they know it all when they do not. No one knows it all. However, when the manager has that mindset - always having to be right - it makes it that much harder to work with them. As their attitude and mindset can and will crush the dealerships morale. Where in many cases the sales manager is able to rid of the employees who disagree with them. All of which hurts the dealership. Noting that there is a key difference between being wise and knowing it all. Having the right mindset will make it that much easier to gain your sales consultants respect. And when you have their respect it is that much easier to build a relationship with your team.

You Are to Nice. You Do Not Have Boundaries. You Want to Be their Friend.

Not everyone is cut out to be a sales manager. It takes a special mindset. However, in the auto industry, it is not uncommon for a top sales consultant to become a sales manager. Where in many instances they are soon going to manage their former co-workers. This can be a recipe for disaster if boundaries and expectations are not clearly outlined before making the changes. Knowing that your having been promoted can and will ruffle some feathers. But there was a reason you were given the manager position. So it is best to find a sense of balance - that is the way you approach your former co-workers. Understanding that is best to lay out the boundaries from the beginning sticking to your guns. Knowing that if your co-worker cannot respect the boundaries that you have to be a manager as hard as that might be. Otherwise, they will not respect that you are a manager.

You Do Not Have A Plan of Action. You Constantly Are Changing Your Mind.

Plans can change. That is not uncommon in our industry. However, if you are unable to have a consistent plan of action it becomes that much harder to work with you. In which case, the employee might become confused or disinterested as they are unsure as to what the next steps are. The other issue with this management style is becomes that much harder to track their results. In addition to holding them accountable as their responsibilities continuously change. That said, it is best to have a clear plan of action, which might have some updates here and there. However, there is a difference between a few updates and an entirely new plan of action.  

Top Three Reasons Your Manager Does Not Get Along With You.

You Are Never On Time.

There is a schedule for a reason, no? Running late does not just affect you, it affects your team and your dealership. This is especially true when you are running late on a day in which your customer’s vehicle is being delivered. That very customer is then made to wait around for you. Where if they were to go right into finance - the finance manager might be off and or not have the necessary paperwork - or know what the next step is with the customer. Making for an awkward experience for your customer. The other issue, too, is that when you do finally make it in your in a rush. And as we know, if you are in a rush the chances if your making a mistake dramatically increases. That mistake can make or break the customer's experience. So instead of being late, take some time of your day to effectively plan the next day. Knowing that there will be certain days that require additional time. As the more prepared you are the better off you will be.

Do Not Take Direction.

One of the most frustrating things as a manager is you question everything your manager says. As in many cases, their instructions are coming from the GM and Owner. That said, if you have the urge to question your manager it is best - and most respectful - to pull them aside privately and voice your concerns. Knowing that questioning them in front of your co-workers is not only disrespectful it can cause unnecessary hardship. And while you might truly believe that your idea is the best idea for the job at hand - more often than not - you do not have all of the facts. Wherein, there is more than of what meets the eye.

You Think You Know More than You Do

Just like we do not want the manager to act as if they know it all. It is just as frustrating for the employee to act as of they know more than what they do. Especially when the manager is taking the time to work with you one on one to assist you with your sales plan. That said, it is best to have a conversation with your manager if you're frustrated. However, it is best to do so respectfully as being disrespectful is not best for anyone. Knowing that any of the assistance your manager is offering should be coming from experience.

Bottom Line: It takes both parties to make a relationship work. Where both the manager and employee have to understand that we all have different means of communicating. The manager, however, has to ensure that they are providing their employees a clear direction. Empowering them to do their jobs versus micromanaging their every move. Taking the extra minute to make sure that everyone is on the same page - working as a team - as it will offer the dealership far better results.

What is your best tip or practice to make sure everyone gets along?

I like how you had "you think you know more than you do" to both the manager and employee. This is so true, and usually the culprit when communication begins to break down! 

Tracie Costabile

I have found that having clear expectations and treating my team as the capable, intelligent adults that they are gets us far.  Respect in all communications is also essential.  I also like to throw is some fun, because, hey, you're at work every day.  It's a huge part of your life.  Might as well enjoy it!

Derrick Woolfson

@Scott, absolutely. Respect is a two way street. And from experience, it is quite difficult to work for someone with that mindset. 

Derrick Woolfson

@Tracie, I agree 100% - as an employee, we do not just want to feel empowered, but supported. Your management style is what creates a dynamic environment! One where your team feels apart of the bigger picture! And humor is a must. We all need a good laugh here and there. :)

Robert Simmons

Great post! Very well thought out and articulated. I can identify with every point on each side - I've either been that guy, worker for him or managed him. Thanks for the insight.

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