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Videos Still Work, Right?




There have been several rounds of conversation in regards to videos. Namely, videos are the new it factor when it comes to capturing our customer's attention whether that is giving the service customer an update, thanking the customer, or building value in the service advisor by having him/her share a personal video with the customer.

Videos are powerful, BUT - the way we have been approaching video (for some time now, really) might not be what the customer is looking for in a video. Sure there are in fact some customers who love the videos!

This article is not to discredit the hard work of those who have been brave enough to load a million apps, take time out of their personal day, spend their money, and argue with his/her GM & Service manager be a part of taking videos.

What I am saying, however, is that there is an easier method of being relevant when it comes to video that we have yet to approach. That is creating a collection of videos that ‘effectively’ explain the services s/he needs for their vehicle. And no, this is not a personal video that would be done onsite for each and every customer. But rather a menu of the services your dealership offers.

Think about it, when a customer explains a problem in the service line it is like “it makes this grrr crackkkkk grrrr sound,” to which the advisor says “we’ll take a look.” The more confident the consumer feels - as if s/he were a part of the decision-making process - the more trust they have, which means they will spend that much more money in the lane.

In regards to the videos, you would have a simple to use catalog - using YouTube Videos (45 seconds or less) - explaining the most common problems. The video’s (while short) are informative, offering the customer a plausible explanation as to what could be wrong with their vehicle.

The best way to start this project is to create a video for oil change, cabin filter change, even a vehicle detail. This video needs to be appealing, too - refraining from using an OEM video where everything is too perfect. It is like booking a hotel on Expedia where the photos are from the resorts first day of business. So upon arrival, the hotel has been through heck and back looking nothing like it once did.

How often do you take videos? Are you having great success with it in the service lane? Any customer feedback?


Caleb  Twito

I love video's. In a perfect world, everybody would get a customized video but I understand what you're saying... it's impossible to customize a video for every customer. I like the idea of having a standard video that explains problems especially when they are common. It's easier for the customer because you can send it right away and it's easier for the advisor because you don't have to get the customer on the phone to explain.

I wonder.. for the specific brand, would it be good to keep building the library so for example if you sell new Honda's , you have video's specific to know issues with whatever year has a common issue or vehicles that have 100,000 miles typically you start to see X. You wouldn't be able to do it for every off brand you service but I think it would hugely impactful to have them for the new car brand you service. Nice article. 

Using the idea of cataloging YouTube videos, as a sales rep you could do walk around videos on your best selling models so when you have email inquires or customers that want more information you have videos ready to be texted or emailed. Great way to give a buyer tons of useful info quickly. With a smartphone and your laptop you can bust out videos fast on a slow day! ;-)

Derrick Woolfson

You are exactly right Scott! If they only realized the branding exposure they get when creating videos. 

One I did today just for fun, Video rocks! Get people engaged and get their attention and you will win! 78% of salespeople who use Social Media like this to reach people out sell their fellow salespeople. It's the world we sell in!

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