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Derrick Woolfson

Derrick Woolfson Business Development Manager

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Where Are We With Texting?

It has been well over a year since I last spoke about texting on the dealer level, but it does not seem that we have made that much progress in the conversation. Other than dealers are working towards using CRM's that have a texting tool implemented in the CRM. However, they still struggle with the fact that their sales consultants are using their own devices to text, email, and call their customers. Has your dealer made any significant changes regarding texting, emailing, or calling from their personal devices? 

Check out the original blog post here to join in on the conversation!  


Arthur Bratton

Bagel on this end, but I would love to hear any success stories.

Does anyone use any "Text Us" CTAs other than the annoying chat bubble overlays that cover limited mobile real estate?

Ryan Gillis

We implemented marketing material on all our new and pre-owned inventory, those materials instruct the customer to text that specific vehicles stock# to our SMS number for "more details and vehicle info."  This will bring in leads mainly from evenings and weekends.  Works quite well for us.

Also, it ensures that our salesmen remain complaint with regulations, we have a history of each sms conversation with customers(in the case of a dispute).

Bobby Morales

Hi Derick, 

We use Ford Direct / ELead  and it works like a charm for email and text along with click to call. The mobile App also works although it is easier to use the desktop version. We (Management) have tried to implement for the salespeople in retail to use the CRM via their app to text, email and call to their customer. 

Yet, retail salespeople continue to say it is too complicated or it is not working and they go back to using their own phone to make the call or text. Management does require for Internet sales to be able to show follow up via the CRM. Yet with retail sales they are more lenient. 

Until we as management; decide to hold everyone to the same rule for coverage via the CRM; we will continue to have many salespeople use their own private devices to communicate with the customer. There is no accountability with sales consultants using their own devices to communicate with store customers.  

Mark Rask

I am getting very mixed messages regarding the legal requirements of texting The customers. Please share any insite that you guys have 

Derrick Woolfson

@Arthur, we used texting as one of our CTA's and it worked out very well. Especially for pre-owned inventory. I also think people were surprised that it was not a robot texting them, but rather an actual person. The texting app also made it very easy to send both video/photo right from the app. 

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