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Why So Many Options If You Don't Pay Attention to The Source?

Is there a lot of thought that goes into deciding which call to actions to offer on the VDP’s? Or is it a constant free for all, or worse an afterthought? The idea that more is better, where dealers easily have more than five or six different ways for the customer to inquire about a vehicle. Having multiple options for the customer to choose from sounds like a great idea. However, having too many choices can make it confusing for the customer. Not to mention, when you do get the inquiry via the CRM, more often than not, the BDC Agent or Sales Consultant is not aware of where the lead came from. All of which can create an unnecessary breakpoint. Here are some to consider when choosing which call to action to display on your website. 

The Forms Are Not Labeled in the CRM. You Have No Idea What Form the Customer Completed. This Causes Break Points. 

Think about it for a minute.  If the customer completed a form for the sales price (whatever that means for your dealership as each dealership has its own interpretation as to what the sale price is), but the lead in the CRM says general inquiry, what do you think happens? The BDC Agent or Sales Consultant will reach out to the customer asking them if they want to come in for a test drive. To which the customer might ask, “I wanted the sales price.” You might not think this happens, BUT it does. And when it happens, it can and will cause frustration on the customer's end, where the customer was expecting an answer to what seems to be a simple question, really. 

One of the ways to resolve this issue is by contacting the vendor that manages your website. You can have them label the various forms on the website: 

Dealer Website (Parent Label) 
VDP Price Inquiry (Child Label)  

Dealer Website (Parent Label)
Test Drive Coupon 

By labeling the leads with the correct form name, it can have a positive impact for many reasons. One of the most important reasons to do this is to ensure that your team knows where the lead came from! And while we should always offer the same level of customer service - the way we both approach and provide the customer service varies on the situation at hand. Imagine knowing that the customer inquired on the “test drive” coupon. So that when you called them you can start the conversation by first thanking them, but secondly confirming their test drive. At which point, you can confirm if vehicle options are flexible and or whether or not they have a trade. 

In this example, not only did you notice that the purpose of the customer's inquiry, but more importantly, you effectively can mold their experience based on what they inquired on. All of which can and will offer the prospective customer a positive experience that is consistent with what they experienced before receiving your phone call, email, or text. On the flip side, imagine if you did not know if they wanted to test drive the vehicle, and your time was spent focusing on “asking for the appointment” when that is already something the customer wanted. And while we might not think that the customer is not paying attention - they are! I mean, especially if they had to filter through all of the loud noise on the website, having gone through more than six or seven different options before contacting the dealership. 

And sure, not all examples are the above.  The point in discussing this is that in order to offer the customer a good experience, we have to resolve any potential breakpoints. One of the most significant breakpoints to overcome is not knowing what the customer is asking, which can make for a really frustrating experience. This is also a relatively simple fix, no? It starts with first making yourself an internal list of the various lead labels. At which point, once you have confirmed the changes with the web provider, and the CRM (making sure they receive the lead correctly, which is most often ADF format), you need to make sure your team is aware of the changes! This will help ensure that when they do answer the leads that they take the time to read where the lead came from! 

Have you taken the time to review the lead labels? If so, has this had a positive impact on your store? 

Arthur Bratton

Great article! I would go a step further and request that information from Google Analytics/Ads be included with every lead that feeds into the CRM.

Every lead should include:
Marketing Channel:
Search Engine Marketing
Vendor: Dealerfire
Lead Source: DealerFire SEM
Source/Medium: google/ppc
Campaign: Branding
Lead Form: Get E-Price
Device: Mobile

Many website vendors already track this information it is just not forwarded to or accepted by the CRM to use for attribution. We should be able to attribute all of our website leads to specific sources of marketing.  The data exists, just not in the right systems.

Derrick Woolfson

Thanks, Arthur! I like the part about mobile, that is very important to track! 

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