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The Recruiter: Episode 4- People Use Google to Find Jobs

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Your Car Repair Shop Should Appeal To Parents Whether It is At a Dealership or Privately Owned

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Google Penguin 3.0 – What Does It Mean For You and Your Website?

On Friday, October 17th 2014, Google announced another Google Penguin algorithm update. The purpose of this algorithm is to minimize the presence of websites who take part in spammy link building practices in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Brief History About Google Penguin:

The first Google Penguin update rolled out on April 24th 2012 with the express purpose of cutting down on “webspam” in the results it serves up for users. Google’s goal is to use this algorithm to penalize websites who were taking part in spammy and manipulative SEO tactics by weakening their visibility in the SERPs, and provide the most relevant, quality results possible. This is Google’s sixth Penguin update since April of 2012. Since being rolled out, this algorithm has affected around 3.1% of search queries.

What Is Google Penguin 3.0?

Google Penguin 3.0 has been referred to by Google as a “refresh” to their original algorithm. This update coincides with the purpose of Google’s Panda update which focused on weakening websites that provide a poor user experience, or whose content is not up to par.

This refresh is not all said and done. Google’s Pierre Far announced via his Google+ page that this refresh is not 100% complete. He states that it is a “slow worldwide rollout” and will affect less than 1% of US search queries.

Should I Be Worried?

Our clients don’t need to worry about getting penalized. We don’t partake in the following targeted linkbuilding practices, but if you do, you might expect trouble:

  • Building links on article directories, link farms, or other similar link aggregators
  • Paying for links to be built in bulk in a short period of time
  • Posting spam posts in irrelevant forums and social communities
  • Listing your website on directories that are not relevant to your industry

It’s probably obvious, but the above tactics are pretty outdated, and don’t align with SEO best practices. They don’t provide a lot of value, and webmasters have seen their websites hit with Google penalties if they did have spammy links in their backlink profiles.

If you’re worried about potential penalties, we recommend resources such as Majestic SEO and Open Site Explorer to view your historical link profile.

We will keep you updated on any further information that is released about Google Penguin, and all other algorithm updates!


Timothy Martell
The simple reality is that dealer websites are already such a toxic environment that the damage was done long before this. Dealers as a whole will not see anything significant as a result of this change. Dealer organic website traffic is at an all time low and this has eroded slowly over the last 10 years. Because it has happened slowly no one has really noticed. I see it every day when we onboard a new client.

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