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Why Checkout Fails: The Top 3 Reasons Customers Leave Without Buying

Online checkout is a valuable tool you can use to deliver a better experience and earn more customers. Nearly 9 in 10 shoppers are more likely to buy from dealerships that offer online checkout. But even with ecommerce, some shoppers still leave your website without buying, abandoning their car orders. What’s the key to knowing how to improve? Understanding why shoppers leave in the first place.

Just as you’ve developed certain techniques to help shoppers decide to become customers in your showroom, there are ways to improve your website experience and persuade more shoppers to become customers online.

From bottom to top, here are the top 3 reasons customers leave online checkout without buying, and what you can do about it.

3. It Was Too Long and Complicated

When it comes to online checkout, simpler is better. Top retailers, like Amazon, understand this and have made the purchase process as easy as a single tap on a touchscreen, or even a short voice command. While buying a car is undeniably more complex than buying paper towels or dog food, it doesn’t have to take hours.

Test out your online checkout tool yourself. How long does it take? Does it require you to enter information that you don’t know off the top of your head, like the VIN for your trade-in or your driver’s license number? Most customers place their car order in the evenings, while they’re relaxing on their couch at home. Chances are they don’t want to get off the couch or dig through paperwork. And they won’t be able to take pictures of their trade-in since it’s already dark outside.

If your online checkout process feels like filing your taxes, it’s time to simplify. Don’t require information unless you truly need it. For example, if the customer has a trade-in, your team will need to inspect it in person anyway. Don’t require the customer to upload pictures of the odometer and answer 25 questions about the vehicle.

2. It Required Me to Create an Account

Many automotive ecommerce solutions require the customer to create an account too early in the process. 35% of customers leave without buying because websites require them to create an account. Smart retailers know it’s better to wait until the customer decides to buy before asking them to provide their contact information.

You may want the customer’s information as soon as possible, but customers are wary of sites that require this up front. Give shoppers time to decide which vehicle and add-ons they want, then give them the option to create an account. 

1. The Extra Costs Were Too High

The top reason shoppers leave without buying is because the extra fees are too high. In fact, 6 out of 10 shoppers abandon checkout because the extra costs are too high. You’ve probably done this yourself. Have you ever tried to order a product online, only to find that the shipping fee costs more than the product itself? You may have felt disappointed, or even deceived. 

When it comes to cars, shoppers understand there will be taxes, fees, and even delivery costs. As long as your website and online checkout offer transparency and feel trustworthy, customers will trust your online experience. Be clear about taxes, fees, and any other costs. Include standard or estimated taxes fees in the vehicle price up front if possible.

Ultimately, converting more shoppers into customers online comes down to improving the experience. The right ecommerce solution streamlines the online checkout process and delivers a native, transparent experience. This increases online orders by addressing the top 3 reasons customers leave without buying.

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