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A 5 Step Plan to Improve the People in Your Dealership

Developing and improving the people in the dealership is the best way to get a solid ROI. Employees will work harder when they are cared for. Making the work environment comfortable from day one goes a long way for retention efforts. The best way to make employees feel cared for is by creating a comfortable work environment for them to constantly progress.


A lot of dealerships still don't have many processes to help newcomers assimilate into the culture. Onboarding that is informal is ineffective. Asking employees to shadow and hoping a trial by fire gives them the knowledge they need to be successful is only setting employees up for failure.


Develop a five-part plan where you assess where an employee is in their knowledge of a product or process. Then make a plan to help improve their understanding of that process or product. Once you've identified what you need to work on the next phase is to develop. In this phase of the plan, it will be all about experimenting to determine what works, and what doesn’t, to help the employee develop a skill. Then once those three steps have been completed it will be time to measure progress. After progress has been measured make sure to reward the employee to reinforce how important it is to go through the whole five-part plan.


After you have:

1. Assessed

2. Planned

3. Developed

4. Measured

5. Rewarded

Then it is time to do it again and again.


This process is key for new hires. It will help them understand how to do their jobs better as well as give staff the ability to determine shortcomings so that appropriate action can be taken to help employees develop more skills.


This process is not only for new hires though. It should be used for every employee at the dealership. It’s a great way of knowing how capable an employee is on a process or procedure. Training should be ongoing. This is one of the easiest and most reliable ways of implementing meaningful training.


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