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eXteresAUTO, the leading search engine optimization provider for dealerships, today announced the launch of SAM™, a breakthrough back-office tool. SAM™ allows dealerships to understand, manage and promote all of their 'search assets,' whether that's establishing a positive online reputation at consumer review and dealer rating sites--protecting their trademark and inventory from piracy--establishing a powerful visibility at online directories--or fully understanding their website and organic search traffic and performance.

SAM™, designed within dealerships for dealerships, is the first set of tools that automates processes that auto retailers have traditionally found confusing and labor-intensive. Beta dealerships testing SAM™ report that its revolutionary combination of online reputation management, detailed analytics, piracy protection, and directory and review site set-up have allowed them to achieve in days what would have taken dedicated employees months. And SAM™ has a dramatic impact on their business: dealers report generating 50-75 additional calls per month from highly motivated customers who read about their dealership on a customer review site.

Joe Orr, General Manager of Dick Hannah Honda in Washington, notes: "Every morning I check into the SAM™ dashboard, and it gives me this amazing window into my dealership's entire performance across the Web. I receive every customer review posted, and all the tools to take action. I understand every detail of my website traffic and also how my dealership and our competitors are ranking at the search engines. I'm alerted to all uses of my trademark and online inventory. There's never been anything like this for the digital dealership: it's transformed my business and is a must and a godsend."

What SAM™ Accomplishes for Dealerships:

Online Reputation Management--Taking Control of Consumer Reviews

SAM™ is the first, and only, comprehensive online dealer reputation management solution. Every day SAM™ delivers all of a dealership's reviews from dozens of sites across the Web, with in-depth reporting on where the reviews were posted, how many 'stars' were earned, etc. SAM™ lets dealers easily manage bad reviews requiring action, while providing every tool to generate a high volume of positive reviews from satisfied customers. Dick Hannah Honda, for instance, reports they generated nearly 500 new reviews (with an average 4.9/5 rating), leading directly to 500 incremental sales and service calls, last year.

Website Analytics--Puts Detailed Traffic Data in Dealers' Hands

Daily, weekly and monthly user-friendly website analytics detail exactly where a dealership's online customers are coming from (direct-to-URL, from search engines, links, review sites, etc.)--as well as traffic volume, what pages customers are visiting, and which precise search phrases they used to arrive at the dealer's site.

CompetitorTrak and Organic Search Analytics

With four in five consumers now using search engines to locate auto dealers, the backbone of any dealership's online presence is effective search engine optimization (SEO). And the average dealership using eXtéres' advanced Automotive SEO technology has boosted their first-page placement rates at the major search engines from 14% to 72%. SAM™ continuously reports on a dealership's rankings at Google, Yahoo! and MSN, as well as the performance of three of their same-brand competitors--all in easy-to-understand graphs.

Directory & Review Site Set-up

SAM™ sets up dealerships properly at all major directories and review sites (a time-consuming and confusing process). SAM™ posts numerous website links and information that drives positive word-of-mouth, which results in more Web traffic and incoming calls.

Piracy Alert--Protecting Online Inventory and Trademarks

Many dealers remain unaware of online piracy (a practice of some lead providers and dealer rivals high-jacking their dealership's trademarks and online inventory). SAM™ reports all online uses of a dealer's inventory and trademarks daily, while providing the tools to put a stop to any costly, fraudulent piracy.


In addition to its backend technology, SAM™ delivers ongoing, expert human training to establish processes (including online reputation management) that boost a dealership's powerful, positive visibility across the Internet. 

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