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Automotive manufacturers in the United States are protesting potential tariffs and taxes on imported auto parts with the hashtag #DontTaxMyRide.

The hashtag started trending in the automotive world just before the weekend at a rally intended to dissuade the U.S. Department of Commerce on proposed tariffs by President Donald Trump.

President Trump believes foreign auto imports are a threat to national security. If the Department of Commerce agrees, a 20% tariff will be placed on all auto imports.

Association of Global Automakers and Here for America hosted the rally. Here for America is an ally of international automakers and dealers. Here for America believes these international automakers are integral to the success of today’s U.S. auto industry as they directly employing 1.29 million Americans, and indirectly affect the employment of 7 million other auto industry professionals.

More than one hundred international auto employees pulled up to the U.S. Capitol in a caravan of American made vehicles. Also present at the rally in Washington D.C. were Members of Congress from high auto-production states: Congressman Drew Ferguson (R- GA), Senator Doug Jones (D-AL) and Congresswoman Jackie Walorski (R-IN).

“Alabama’s booming automotive industry supports 57,000 jobs and is responsible for $11 billion in exports annually,” said Senator Doug Jones in a press release (D-AL). “If enacted, the proposed tariffs could not only stifle one of our fastest growing industries, but they could threaten the livelihood of millions of Americans who depend on this industry to provide for themselves and their families.”

On social media, automakers were very vocal about #DontTaxMyRide. Kia, Honda and Toyota are all against any potential tariffs. Honda employees were at the rally and on twitter said these tariffs would have a huge negative impact on sales.

Honda associates from our auto plants in Ohio, Indiana, Alabama and Georgia are in D.C. today sharing how #autotariffs would negatively impact our entire U.S. operations, from the production floor to our dealerships. #DontTaxMyRide

— Honda In America (@HondaInAmerica) July 19, 2018

Toyota also got in on the action, having meetings with senators all day Friday against Tariffs.

The more than 8,000 Toyota team members at our Georgetown, Kentucky plant manufactured more than 550,000 vehicles in 2017. #Tariffs could threaten our growth & investment.

— Toyota Policy (@ToyotaPolicy) July 19, 2018


The decision to put tariffs in place will happen by the end of the year if the U.S. Department of Commerce investigation concludes and says international imports are a threat to our security.

What do you think about potential tariffs? Do believe foreign auto imports are a threat to national security like President Trump says?


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