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WEBINAR RECORDING - A Squad of Smooth Talkers: Prioritizing Phone Calls Beyond Sales and Service

WEBINAR RECORDING - A Squad of Smooth Talkers: Prioritizing Phone Calls Beyond Sales and Service

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The Evolved Consumer Journey – And What It Means for Dealerships’ Marketing Strategies

The Evolved Consumer Journey – And What It Means for Dealerships’ Marketing Strategies

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Everything you Need to Know About Gen-X Leaders

Baby Boomers are on their way out. That means Millennials are the next in charge right? WRONG. There’s an entire generation in between that often gets looked over.

DDI, a company that solely focuses on creating and training leaders published a study called, The 2018 Global Leadership Forecast.

The study has a dozen different sections. One section focuses on generational leaders including Gen-X. But who are they? They are the people younger than Baby Boomers but older than Millennials born between 1965 and 1981.

GenX-ers hold 51 percent of leadership roles globally and will continue to grow into high level positions. However not much is known about them when it comes to leadership. Today that changes.

When it comes to technology, 54 percent of Gen-X leaders rate themselves as digitally savvy. That’s only two percent behind millennial leaders. And according to DDI Gen-X uses social media more habitually than any other generation!

Generation X prefers external coaching rather than coaching from within their own company.

Of Baby Boomers and Millennials, Generation X leaders are the slowest to get promoted BUT are more loyal than other generations. You could call them the are the “Middle Child” of career advancement opportunities.

So what can you do with this information to help improve genx leaders?

DDI says to encourage genx to challenge the status quo. Allow them the freedom to try new approaches and challenge old thoughts.

Leverage technology! As Gen-X is digitally savvy, giving them and teaching them new tech will help them improve their leadership.

What do you notice about your Generation X leaders? What traits stand out to you?

Kelly Kleinman

 Baby boomers were a product of the baby boom after WW2 and a year after Korea.  The Trump MAGA theme is based on America's rapid economic growth post Korean war through 1964 before we sent troops to Vietnam.  Folks born between 1954-1964 or somewhere in that period have another identity - Generation Jones.  My old pal from HS Jonathan Gross (AKA Jonathan Pontell) created the concept and has been making a living off of it for 25 years.  Obama identified as a Joneser.  

Chris K

well for someone like me and their 50s it's taken me this long to get the wisdom I have, it's profound. And certainly those younger folks don't have it. the best trait I see is enthusiasm and their quest to continue to dream because our Visions live far beyond  reality or the past, and unless you can't reach out and see them, there's no way that you'll ever be able to think about even achieving them. I hope they can learn how to keep the cable news TV shut off. Last thing we need is a bunch of people blowing up a huge bubble.

Paul J Daly

I was pretty surprised to read this "who are they" piece on my generation. Then I though about it, and I realize that there typically isn't any talk of Gen X. We kind of plod along and just...DO.  

 I was born in 1979. I call Gen X "the bridge generation"...because we are the ones that walked across it. 

I'm a late Gen Her (39) and I remember getting my first internet connection at 15. Google wasn't a search option. I remember it taking 30 minutes to download one song from Napster. Don't judge me, there were ZERO ways to buy songs on line. I remember the first iPod with a mechanical hard drive in it. I remember when the first widely accepted cell phones showed up with the freshmen when I was a senior...IN COLLEGE! And for the record, you could only make calls on "phones" then. I had a MySpace before it was creepy. You couldn't get a facebook account unless you were in a college. Youtube had nothing...because bandwidth was nothing. We had to go to a store to rent a movie. Eventually Netflix came along and started to MAIL them to my house. I went through my teens and early 20s while the foundation of the tech world we know was being laid. 

So who are the Gen X leaders?  I don't know, like all the people who founded companies like Google and Tesla and Twitter and Uber. I'd also be remiss if I didn't mention people like Gary Vaynerchuk, Simon Sinek and Jocko Willink.

I'm going to keep plodding...I like my place in the mix. 

Sherri Riggs

As I was putting together this article, I also thought it was interesting that I don't seem to see much information on Gen-X. Part of me believes it's because Gen-X is pretty set in their ways... Many people believe they've been around a while, so what else could there be to know?? BUT I definitely learned more than I thought i would writing this piece.

Mark Rask

This is great advice ........we have to be cognizant of who we are trying to manage

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