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#DSES Speaker Profile: Joe Webb

Joe Webb is the funniest guy in the car business. You know how we know? We've heard his jokes, first of all. And we're pretty sure that there’s a mug, somewhere, that says it. Chances are good that there’s also a mug claiming Joe as one of the most insightful and effective sales training experts working in the industry, as well. We know that because we've seen his work and read his opinions.

Founder of DealerKnows Consulting, an automotive Internet sales training firm specializing in assisting dealers with the advancement of their online efforts through hands-on/on-site and virtual consulting, Joe is a Chicago guy with a history of true dealership retail success. His primary goal is “to better the culture of car sales”. To that end, Joe has written for multiple publications, now dedicating most of his content to primary automotive resource sites such as and as a regular top-rated speaker at industry conferences.

This year’s DrivingSales Executive Summit attendees can listen to Joe at his Breakout Session “A DSES Digest" with Gary May, and as  co-host of the second annual Digital Media Battle --  where 12 hand-picked dealership and vendor superstars will face off against each other on six of the hottest topics facing dealers today. Prepare for fireworks!

DSNews: What can #DSES attendees expect to hear from you?
JW: While I'm essentially speaking twice, the first session -- The 2nd Annual Digital Media Battle - will definitely be one of the talks of the show again.  I don't have to do much except get people excited and stop the battlers from punching each other! I'm more of a bouncer than anything else. For my second session with Gary May, we are looking to give dealers real tactics on how to implement what they've learned back at the dealership.  Also, not all dealers will have all their questions and pain points answered by sitting in on sessions and listening to keynotes, so we are going to give quick tips and tricks to all attendees who still want answers to their pressing needs.  Consider it, Consulting Speed Dating.

DSNews: What do you love about the car business, or digital marketing?
JW: I'm the first to admit that I don't have a love of cars.  I'm a dad. I drive a minivan. If I could have any car in the world?  Probably another minivan. So it isn't the car business I love so much as the fact that every situation in life is a sale. It is a sale of beliefs. Every ad, marketing piece, interaction, embrace, or transaction has, at its core, the foundation that one person can come away from every encounter with a different experience.  Whether they view something differently, take it into consideration, buy into its belief, or choose to walk away because they weren't "sold", there can be a transfer of belief or a statement of willpower.  The car business and digital marketing are both an industry and a method that allows for someone's thought processes to be changed.  And I like the idea of creating or interacting in a way where my will power wins over another's.

DSNews: What’s your passion? What makes you get up early in the morning?
JW: My family. My kids. My humor.  And my desire to help people cut through the clutter of BS. In all of life, processes can be streamlined, messages can be tweaked, communication can be more powerful, and motivations must be reinvigorated.  I like thinking I can contribute to that. 

DSNews: What’s your best car memory?
JW: I've been in some near-fatal car accidents.  While those aren't my best memories, those are the most indelible that shaped me into who I am today. My best car memory?  Short of some road trips I've taken, this likely is too PG-rated of a forum to discuss. 

DSNews: What’s your biggest accomplishment?
JW: I'm the best father in the world.  I have a mug to prove it.

DSNews: Tell us about a recent dealership pain point that your team was able to solve.
JW: Our entire livelihood is founded upon solving dealers' pain points.  That being said, just last week I was able to redefine the way a new client addressed addendum bumps and marketed their entire inventory.  This will have a profound impact on how their dealership operates ongoing.  It took me one hour to fix what had been broken for 20 years.  You're welcome, dealership. 

DSNews: What are the three topics dealers should be focused on as we head into 2013?
Mobile, Proactive Employee Branding, and Utilizing Data to Truly Enact Organizational Change and Structure. 

DSNews: Speaking at #DSES is…
JW: An honor.  The best of the best speak at this event, so it is obvious that I bribed someone to be included.  But still an honor that they accepted my bribe.  

To learn more about Joe and his fellow Breakout Speakers, visit the #DSES website. Don’t forget to check out the agenda!

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---Brian Chee

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