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#DSES Speaker Profile: Eric Miltsch

He’s been called a visionary. A digital thought leader. A man whose knowledge of online marketing trends and best practices is among the most insightful and up-to-date in the business.

Eric Miltsch is the most interesting man in the (digital automotive retail) world.

Seriously. Ask him what’s new and be prepared for a litany of new apps, sites and practices straight from Silicon Valley. Case in point: “ifttt” actually means something cool and useful to him, as does a long list of tools and services available to digital marketers and publishers. For Eric, being on the cutting edge – when the cutting edge has value -- is a passion, one that he puts into his work as the DrivingSales Director of Product Strategy. The job keeps him busy developing and managing new digital media product strategies, which, according to Eric, come with one simple request from founder Jared Hamilton: Create the most authoritative and influential automotive professional community in the world.

Easy, right?
Those who know Eric will tell you that he’s up to the task – and then some. From his experience driving digital at Auction Direct USA, to his creation of CarZar, the 1st location-based, photo sharing automotive application, his work has resulted in digital tools and properties that deliver results and create process efficiencies.

At this year’s DrivingSales Executive Summit, attendees can listen to Eric at his Breakout Session 40 Tips in 40 Minutes: The Most Informative Breakout Session Ever! Prepare to walk away with actionable insights, and at least one or two tips that will immediately improve your digital ecosystem.  

1. What can #DSES attendees expect to hear from you? 
EM: This year's attendees are in for a special breakout session: "40 Tips in 40 Minutes: The Most Informative Breakout Session Ever!" It'll be an intense, educational and entertaining session where I'll (try to) present at least 40 of the most current tips tricks and secrets to help you and your dealership become more effective and efficient. I'll cover everything from apps to websites and in between. Everyone will walk away with something they can use - right away! (Presentation time: 3:55 on Tuesday, October 23rd) 

2. What do you love about the car business, or digital marketing? 
EM: I love the car business because of the opportunity it presents for making positive change. Our industry is experiencing the fastest rate of change right now, and we all have the ability to contribute to this positive momentum. Digital marketing is simply the catalyst for creating some of the incredible changes taking place. 

3. What’s your passion? What makes you get up early in the morning? 
EM: I've often found myself saying my passion is things such as cars, technology, gadgets, etc. - but I've really narrowed that down to something even simpler, and that's helping people. That's what gets me up early in the morning...being able to help people, in any way. Helping someone do something, or helping them improve what they’re doing - that's what keeps me going.

4. What was your best car memory? 
EM: My best car memory was probably when I was very little. Sitting in the back of my Dad's convertible Mercedes for the first time, just looking around, feeling my hair whip around in the wind and just being in awe. That was the moment I became I car freak.

5. Biggest accomplishment? 
EM: Being married for 19 years. And creating an iPhone app - still kinda proud of that.

6. Tell us about a recent dealership [or organization] pain point that your team was able to solve.
When I was at Auction Direct, one of our biggest pain points was the traditional showroom shopping experience. So, we created a fully functional store within a shopping mall. Customers loved the perception of the custom shopping experience and the uniqueness of the concept. It was definitely a success; we sold over 30 vehicles per month - from a mall store. 

7. What are the three main topics dealers should be focused on as we head into 2013? 
EM: We'll see another major shift in activities in 2013 and dealers really need to be prepared for advanced mobile marketing strategies for consumers, deeper analytics and data management to make better (and faster) decisions and a change in the way day to day showroom activities change with regards to mobile workflow. 

8. Speaking at DSES is…
Seriously, the most exciting thing for anyone in the retail automotive business.

To learn more about Eric and his fellow Breakout Speakers, visit the #DSES website. Don’t forget to check out the agenda!

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---Brian Chee

Eric Miltsch
Ha - I owe you one for that inro. Don't worry, I'll get you back. Thanks man.
Bryan Armstrong
Thanks Brian for sharing why those of us that know Eric follow him closely. More than once he has beenwilling to return calls to help me through issues and offer solutions to myself and countless others. His session is sure to be fast paced yet informative. His gift of making complex issues simple is amazing!

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