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New Community Feature – Featured Columns

Our mission at DrivingSales is to bring you the network, education and practical insights to advance your careers and your business’ performance. I am pleased to announce a new program to support this mission – featured columnists from leading research houses and consultancies who will bring insights from all aspects of automotive to the community for discussion, debate and application. You will have the opportunity to interact with leading experts from around the world and across the industry to gain a competitive edge.

A column is simply a “sticky,” themed post. It will be part of the general post stream and be open to comment and debate by all. What we are seeking to do is facilitate deeper conversations in the community on some of the larger and more complex topics of the day, bringing perspectives and research-based insights to automotive retail you will not find elsewhere. You will tell us if this is of value through the quality and quantity of engagement you have with the columnist’s posts.

The criteria we have used to nominate our columnists is that they are a recognized industry expert on a topic of interest to the community, can support their opinions with objective research, agree to be non commercial in their content, and will participate in the community discussion of their posts. We expect these debates to be lively and informative.

We are pleased to announce this founding line-up of columnists from across the industry, with their area of focus:

The Dealership Leader Conversation by Jared Hamilton (CEO, DrivingSales)
As an active dealer himself, who is estimated to participate in more 20 groups than any guest speaker per year, few, if any, are more in-tune with what dealers are talking about among their peers. Jared will bring the themes of these conversations, together with his perspectives, to engage the community on these leadership topics.

What Women Want by Jody DeVere (CEO,

Jody will lead a discussion on what do women want? A question we will explore, debate, discuss and develop best practices and strategies to win with women... as it relates to the automotive industry.

A Dealer's View by Jon Lancaster (Former Dealer & Automotive Entrepreneur)

Jon will provide a dealer's perspective on achieving financial advantage and navigating business model change in automotive retail.

Reaching Car Shoppers Today by Seth Berkowitz (President, Edmunds)

Edmunds has an unparalleled view into how shoppers are researching and comparing vehicles during their shopping process. Seth will share how modern consumers are shopping and discuss best practices in how to connect with them in your marketing.

Used Cars Today by NADA Used Car Guides

Unique, real time, insights on the used car market will be shared, including guidance on what dealer inventory managers should consider buying or checking out (segment, models, etc.), what pricing is going to look like in the next few weeks/months

Marketing Moves! By Erik Radle  (CEO, Miller Ad Agency)

Mix one part dealership general manager with one part OEM marketing manager and you get Erik Radle. Expect commentary on industry trends and tactical advice on marketing in the most competitive vertical on the planet.

Global Trends in Auto Retailing by Mike Jones (Chairman, ASE)

Mike will share how retailers in Europe and Asia are innovating in different technology, regulatory, market and economic environments than the U.S. - and the insights this provides into the potential evolution of automotive retail practices in the U.S.

Auto Insights by IHS

IHS Automotive, a leading source on automotive intelligence, will share consumer trends in the marketplace and opportunities for improving sales across a variety of audiences.

The Digital Frontier by Mike Hudson (Director, eMarketer)

Mike will survey the cutting edge digital marketing practices in automotive marketing and how advertisers should exploit them.

Spark! Driving Results Through Cross-Tier Collaboration by Linda Pesonen (President, Linda Pesonen Consulting)

Linda, former Director of Global Digital Marketing for General Motors, will discuss the challenges of OEM-dealer relationships and explore ways to create competitive advantage through improved customer-centric collaboration.

We will post a new column every few days, giving you time to develop the conversation. We invite you to engage these thought leaders and drive the industry forward!

Jason Stum
Wow, love the new program and the regular columnists that you've lined up. Looking forward the quality content and discussion that's soon to follow!
Chris Reed
Thanks, Jason. I know our columnists are excited to have the interaction directly with folks like yourself who are making it happen on the front line. We are glad to help bridge this gap between theory and practice.
Mark Rask
This is a great idea! I am looking forward to it. It is a great way to keep up with this evolving industry.
Bob Sherman
Chris, this looks great! IHS looks forward to workign with you and your team!
Chris K Leslie
Awesome, I can't wait to learn more about everyone on the list and hear their visions.

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