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Upcoming Webinar: Use Your Showroom to Show, Not Sell

Upcoming Webinar: Use Your Showroom to Show, Not Sell

Ecommerce is on the rise, and today's customers walk into your showroom better-informed than ever before. 9 out of 10 customers are more likely to…

Interview with Shannon Crane: Building a Successful BDC

Interview with Shannon Crane: Building a Successful BDC

When Shannon Crane, founder of BDC PowerConsulting, started out as a BDC Manager at a local dealership, she was “as green as it gets.” Not only…

Why Security Is More Important than You Think for Your Business

Why Security Is More Important than You Think for Your Business

Having a business means that you’re likely going to have to keep security in mind. Whether you are looking to increase customer trust or you want to …

Interview with Scott Pechstein: What's Up With "Digital Retail"?

Interview with Scott Pechstein: What's Up With "Digital Retail"?

Scott Pechstein, Vice President of Sales at Autobytel, Inc., talks about the buzzword of the moment: "digital retail." …

What's Keeping Your Company's Directors Up at Night?

What's Keeping Your Company's Directors Up at Night?

Although we typically define executives by their ambitions, their anxieties can be equally telling. If you’re losing sleep over handling cyber se…

Drumroll Please...Announcing the 2015 #DSES Breakout Speakers

Hello DrivingSales Community! 

The 7th annual DrivingSales Executive Summit is filled with internationally requested keynote speakers, best-selling authors and experts in digital marketing, customer experience and cutting-edge business practices with tailored content for dealer executives. The keynote speakers will share unique outside perspectives sharing examples of other industries and business trends at a high level, which will be helpful for you and your store. 

Equally important to the big ideas is the practical "know-how" and were excited to annouce this year's breakout speakers who will continue our tradition of the most progressive event in the industry. The breakout sessions will allow high level concepts to be breakdown into tactical takeaways to improve your dealership's performance from speakers who have been vetted by the DSES dealer panel.

This year we have 46 breakout sessions (more than we've ever had before!) chosen by our DSES dealer panel made up of the most progressive dealer executives in North America. It was a very competitive field of applications. Approx. one out of every third application was selected by the DSES panel. We want to thank all those who submitted an application video and congratulate those who have been selected by the DSES dealer panel.

Remember, DSES has sold out the last 6 years and seats are going fast. Be sure to register today. You don't want to miss these speakers who will keep you and your store ahead of the curve. 

Here goes...

Customer Experience & Marketing Strategy

  • Chad Bockius (CarStory/Vast) & Tom White, Jr. (DEALER) – Big Data Strategies to Capitalize on Your Used Car Marketing
  • Bruce Etzcorn (DealerInspire) – Results That Will Improve Your Online Marketing
  • Howard Polirer (Cox Automotive) – Top-Rated Dealership Grows Market Share and Optimizes its Digital Strategy
  • Joe Webb (DealerKnows) & Ty Bullard (DEALER) – Get Your Customers’ Feedback: 3 Critical Stages of a Successful Focus Group
  • Eric Miltsch (DEALER) – Transform Your Customer Experiences: Stop Faking It & Get Out Of Your Funk
  • Dale Pollak (Cox Automotive) – Vision to Help Save Automotive Retail From Itself
  • Jonathan Ord (DealerSocket) – Customer Relationship Management: How does it effect the buying experience?
  • Dennis Galbraith (Dealer e-Process) & Craig Waikem (DEALER) – The Shopper’s Biggest Pain Point Is Not at the Store
  • Mike Burgiss (MakeMyDeal) – Work Deals, Not Leads – 2x Your Online Sales Conversion Rates Today
  • Joe Orr (DealerSuccess) – Online Deal Creation: It’s Not a Matter of IF You Embrace It, it’s a Matter of WHEN
  • Kindra Hall (Live To Tell) – Strategic Storytelling: Your Secret Weapon for Success
  • Aaron Wirtz (DEALER) – Haters Gonna Hate: When Reputation Management Gets Personal​

Advanced Digital Marketing

  • Trace Pryzbylowicz (Facebook) – Reaching Real People with Precision and Scale
  • Melissa McCann-Tilton (CDK Global) & Andrew DiFeo (DEALER) – Capturing Audience Share through Relevant Content That Connects
  • Joe Chura (Dealer Inspire) – How to Blow Past Your Competitors by Creating the Ultimate Connected Consumer Experience
  • Justin Cook (C-4 Analytics) – Everything You Think You Know About Digital Marketing Is Wrong
  • Chad Sabatka (DEALER) – Forget Parity: Make Your Website More Progressive, Create a Converting User Experience, and Leave Other Dealers Behind
  • Justin Brun (Dynamic Beacon) & Ben Koller (DEALER) – Send Better (Responsive) Emails That Drive Results
  • Ray Green (Verve Mobile) – How Mobile Location Is Changing The Game For Automotive Dealers
  • Amol Waishampayan (Stream Companies) & Ryan McMahon (DEALER) – Direct Response Selling On Facebook: The Digital Version of Direct Mail
  • Shaun Raines (DealerOn) – SEM Wake Up Call: 10 Ways To Maximize Your Paid Search Results
  • Ian Cruickshank (Speed Shift Media) – The Vehicle Details Page Click: How to Get More Direct VDP Views and Make Them Stick
  • Tom Williams (CloudEngage) – Using Push Notifications Without an App for Automotive
  • Sean Stapleton (VinSolutions) – Is Your Website Ignoring Your Shoppers?

Customer Loyalty & Fixed Ops

  • Jack Simmons ( – New Ways to Profitability: Closing the Gap Between Sales And Service
  • Mary Sheridan (DMEautomotive) – “GRO” Your Bottom Line
  • Tim O'Rourke (Netsertive) – Driving Up Sales in the Digital World from The Service Lane
  • Mark Paul (AutoAp, Inc.) & Jon Lancaster (Former DEALER) – How to Reduce Your Safety Recall Liability Risk More Than 90% While Increasing Your Profitability

Management & Operations

  • Bradley Mewes (Supplement!) – In Buffett’s Crosshairs: Revolutionizing Automotive Retailing
  • Paul Gillrie (Paul Gillrie Institute) – Choosing Technology to Drive Revenue in Every Department
  • Russell Grant (DealerVault) & Jed Whitaker (DEALER) – Control Your Data, Control Your Destiny
  • Todd Caputo (DEALER) – The Latest Techniques to Successfully Price, Merchandise and Display Online Your Used Cars
  • David Metter (AutoHook) – The Evolution of Mobile Marketing in the Automotive Industry
  • Mike Waterman (Dealertrack) – Maximize Gross and Minimize Exposure to Wholesale Loss by Using Innovative Technology and the Power of Data

Sales Strategy & Process

  • Glenn Pasch (PCG Digital Marketing) – Your Lead Handling Process is Leaking. Want to Know How to Plug The Holes?
  • Jennifer Suzuki (e-Dealer Solutions) – Selling The Customer Experience
  • Curt Zondervan (No Pressure Selling) – Sell the Way Consumers Want to Buy: No Pressure
  • Pete MacInnis (eLend Solutions) – The Connected Car Buying Experience
  • Dean Evans (LotLinx) – What a Difference a Day Makes
  • Bryan Armstrong (DEALER) – The Digital Highway: Building an Exit Not a Roadblock
  • Maria Epinoza (Dealer e-Process) & Dani Hart (DEALER) – New Research and Case Study: Sales Improve as Dealers Acquire and Adapt to New Site Data
  • Jerry Thibeau (Phone Ninjas & Talk Optics) – Dealership Texting Strategies
JD Rucker
Excellent mix of known powerhouses and new names bringing fresh ideas. I'm impressed that I don't recognize over a third of the names on the list. Nice work, selection peeps!

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