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Top 10 Things To Know About Automotive Direct Mail - Before You Print



10 Things To Know About Creating A Successful Automotive Direct Mail Campaign



Direct Mail is a vital part of advertising for many businesses both large and small. In my opinion, no business has as much to gain from a well planned and properly managed Direct Mail campaign as a franchised Auto Dealer.


Below, we've compiled some of the top priorities we've learned to live by over the years. Every campaign is different as is every dealer, but if you stick to the basics, you have a great shot at a big ROI!




1.)  The 40/40/20 Rule: The Unwritten Rule of Direct Mail (Well, I Guess It Is Written Now...). Many direct mail professionals agree that the success of your direct mail campaign depends at least 40% on your mailing segment list, 40% on your CTA offer, and 20% on your creative proof.


2.) Segment, Segment, Segment! your target mailing list! Use ad language and images (photos & graphics) that speak directly to your target prospects based on that segmentation. You wouldn't want to speak to a senior citizen the same way about shopping for a car as you would speak to a college aged person would you? Of course not. Psychology of "mirroring you client" certainly apply here! Also, keep in mind how your mail company is targeting your campaign, many vendors will use an unfiltered post-office list to save money on the campaign!


3.) 99% of Direct Mail includes some kind of an offer, whether it’s a free gift, a coupon, special sale or information. What is your CTA offer? How do you mobilize your prospect is the question. Important to make it as strong as you can.


4.) No Scatter-Brain Ad-Copy  A single idea usually works best. Choose your overall message and convey it as clearly as possible.


5.) Headline is critical. Make it stand out. The 'Headline' on your mail piece is the BRAND of the campaign, it is the CONCEPT that you are selling. Speak directly to your audience and promise a benefit. You must give them a REASON to look into your mailing. (Particularly if your message is stuffed in an envelope).


6.) Short and Simple. Write, edit, edit and then edit again. Give them enough info to peak their interest but not enough that they don't want to ask questions and respond. 


7.) Personalize it. Write to a human being. Outline how your offer will benefit them and why your the best for them individually. Include personalized flares like Variable Data, Personalized Micro-sites etc.


8.) Easy On The Eyes  Use colors, designs, and graphic concepts that do not overwhelm the recipient or cause eye strain.


9.) Pay Attention To How YOU Read The Ad:  A reader’s eyes will usually naturally go to the largest photo first, then the second, and so on. How will most people "skim" the ad (impressions matter, only 1-3% will respond live to your CTA but if you are using a self-mailer...nearly 100% will view your message (tailor it to your entire segment).


10.) Choices, Choices, Choices: Human beings are very busy and constantly moving, your campaign must have options to redeem offer/respond-- a toll-free number, e-mail, response card, personalized micro-site, mailing list request, etc. If your prospect does not have a host of options available, the chances of them making time drop significantly for a portion of the segment.


There you have it! A list of our top ten "Most Important" Factors To Remember When Your Dealership Plans It's Next Automotive Direct Mail Campaign.










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