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10 Reasons Direct Mail Sells Cars


10 Reasons Automotive Direct Mail Drives Traffic & Sells Cars


1.) Highly Targeted: Direct Mail can be tailored to a very specific audience. You have the ability to hit exactly the people you want to prospect, with a message that matches their wants and needs (Etc. Targeting a Buy-Back mail campaign to your previous customers, or an aqusition campaign to new market share).


2.) Personalized: On top of targeting your prospects with relevant information that matches their mail can be customized with Variable Data and Variable Image Data to offer a personalized "from a human" touch that makes your customers more likely to respond and purchase


3.) Guaranteed Impressions: The USPS Estimates 98% Of People Check Their Mail on a daily basis, and almost 80% sort through it immediately. Your personalized targeted message is hand-delivered to you prospect and you are vitually guaranteed that they will see it and touch it unlike most traditional media which is extremely easy to skip over or opt' out of. The value of tangible advertising cannot be understated.


4.) Familiarity: The USPS is one of the oldest institutions in the Nation. Skepticism among average people is much more pronounced with formats such as email and other novel mediums. While many of your prospects are now receiving most of their "junk" offers and bills etc in their email inbox- the mailbox is far less cluttered than it used to be. Consumers in 2014 will be more excited to check their mailboxes for coupons and customized offers...than they will be to check their emails.

5.) Versatility: Print Media and Direct Mail are among the most versatile advertising campaigns you could employ. With everything from hand-written letters, to oversize postcards, brochures, magazines, roll-folds and much more..Direct Mail can take on any life you'd like it to.




6.) R.O.I. Measurement: No strange hard-to-understand complicated and contrived analytic "well I FEEL like it did ok". Tracking your return on a direct mail campaign is as easy as comparing your dealerships sales reports with your direct mails target manifest.

7.) Direct Mail Enhances Your Other Mediums: Support brand development through new media by implementing related CTA'S and incentives around driving traffic or interaction to those media outlets. It can all be easily designed into your Direct Mail campaign. (as simple as offering a oil change discount (ex.) for new Twitter Followers, Facebook Page like etc.)

8.) Competitive Advantage: Your direct mail advertising message does not compete with other advertising. Your competitors are less apt to know your current marketing strategy because it's not as easy as turning on the television, buying a $1.50 Newspaper, or doing a google search to figure it out.



 9.) Your Customers Prefer It: according to an Epsilon Study 7% Of People Prefer To Receive "Unsolicited" Information via direct mail than any other medium.  DMA (Direct Marketing Association) found that Direct Mail is as much as 30 times more effective at attracting "new market share" customers than email. Consumers believe that more "valuable" discounts/offers come through the mail as opposed to email.

10.) Statistics: 48% of companies have increased their Direct Mail Budgets since 2007, According to Target Marketing Magazine the highest scoring form of marketing for B-2-C marketers was Direct Mail, LIVE response rate can reach as high as 9%. (compared to .12 percent) for email, Direct Mail accounts for 52.7% of the national marketing budget, Direct Mail Marketing produced over $2,000,000,000,000.00 is sales last year.


In 2014, I would recommend that you do not sell yourself or your dealership short. A well planned direct mail program is just what you may need to drive new market share and sell more cars!



Earl Brown Is President & Founder of Drive Promotions Las Vegas

Automotive Direct Mail & Staffed Events


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Earl Brown
CORRECTION**** according to an Epsilon Study 70% Of People Prefer To Receive "Unsolicited" Information via direct mail than any other medium.

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