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Sell smarter with the automotive CRM rated highest in dealer satisfaction! The most intelligent and intuitive CRM in today’s market, ELEAD1ONE fully integrates marketing, sales, and service operations into a single, web-based platform to help dealerships grow their business. A centralized view helps communicate with showroom ups, phone ups and Internet leads throughout the entire customer journey more effectively – from the shopping and purchasing phases to ownership and repurchasing.

▪ Designed by automotive retail experts

▪ Fast, flexible and easy-to-use CRM platform scales to any size retail operation

▪ Fully integrates text, phone, video, email, direct mail and digital communication channels

▪ Integration with all prominent DMS and third-party data providers

▪ Fully integrates with online marketing providers

▪ Track, log, record and map all incoming calls, includes missed call notifications

▪ Data-driven reporting metrics help make quick and better decisions

▪ Monthly product enhancements and updates

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ELEAD1ONE CRM Product Overview

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Recent Verified Ratings

Really user friendly full of great tools.
Reviewed by a Group Executive Yesterday
Recommended: YES
✅ Verified Rating

Pros: Its very user friendly, anyone can use it. It has a ton of tools that we use all the time and helps us!

Cons: Not really

I love it
Reviewed by a BDC Manager 3 days ago
Recommended: YES
✅ Verified Rating

Pros: It's easy to use and the my Account Manager James Alford is awesome and always so helpful.


easy, fast, great support
Reviewed by a Sales Manager 4 days ago
Recommended: YES
✅ Verified Rating

Pros: very easy to use, great reporting, marketing, training and support is the best

Cons: none

Very Frustrating
Reviewed by an Internet Director 4 days ago
Recommended: NO
✅ Verified Rating

Pros: Easy to use.

Cons: Changing anything is an absolute nightmare. Their customer service isn't helpful and it takes a long time and a lot of phone calls to get anything changed.

Support is Amazing
Reviewed by a Dealer Professional 4 days ago
Recommended: YES
✅ Verified Rating

Pros: Not that we need it all the time but our rep, Kyle Brooks, is incredible when needed with training and on site visits.

Cons: He doesn't work for us.

What a great choice
Reviewed by a General Sales Manager 6 days ago
Recommended: YES
✅ Verified Rating

Pros: I've heard a lot of great things over the last few years but was afraid to make the change. This was the easiest and best install I've ever had. These guys are pro's and everything is right in front of me Calls, Leads, desking deals, credit, missed app and appraisal all on one page. I can also see all missed desked deals from previous day. Christmas came early! Thanks...

Cons: None yet

Its keeping info organized very easy.
Reviewed by a Salesperson 6 days ago
Recommended: YES
✅ Verified Rating

Pros: Inputing info, keeping files together has never been easier. It is very user friendly!

Cons: None

Easy to learn
Reviewed by a Salesperson Last Week
Recommended: YES
✅ Verified Rating

Pros: Straightforward and integrated

Cons: None at this time

Excellent CRM
Reviewed by a Sales Manager Last Week
Recommended: YES
✅ Verified Rating

Pros: Very easy to use and nothing hidden


ease of entering clientele
Reviewed by an Internet Director Last Week
Recommended: YES
✅ Verified Rating

Pros: easy to learn and use at out store


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